There is still beauty and good in the world

The last year and a half, even two years, have been so ugly.  All the politics, hatred, racism, misogyny, on and on and on, have really impacted my mood.  I know I should turn off the news and stop reading the paper so that I don't go insane, but I also worry about missing out on important information, so I'm trying to find some sort of balance.

One thing I do is seek out funny videos.  I've got a regular rotation of videos I go to that  I know will make me laugh.

Another thing I've done lately is to look through my favorite Instagram accounts. 

The photos on the National Geographic account show the beauty and wonder of the world.  Despite all the ugliness we see on TV, beauty is still out there.  This account helps me remember that.  It also shows different cultures around the world, which is a good reminder that it's not all about the U.S.

Another favorite account is Humans of New York, which, if you're not familiar with it, shares the personal human stories of everyday regular folks.  People's stories help to keep my faith in humanity when it feels lacking.

And a third favorite is Wolfgang2242, which is run by Steve--the description of his page says:  "Life with Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini the pig, Stuart the rabbit, Oprah the chicken and etc."  What can be more charming than that?  Steve adopts senior dogs and provides the best life they can have in a loving and caring home and not in a shelter.  Bikini the pig isn't a dog, but she's my favorite character.  I also love Enoch the wolf hound, and sweet Edna.  Seeing these guys just makes my heart swell.  Check out their lovely Thanksgiving!

We definitely need more of stuff like that.

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Kerri said...

yes, it's a tricky balance of staying informed and on top of the current events without falling into deep sadness over it. i think all things in moderation is probably key. so having funny videos and stuff like that to balance it out is a great idea.