Thanks, Stevie!

This morning, for whatever reason, I woke up with Stevie Wonder's "Love's in Need of Love Today" running around in my head, so I decided to listen to his album, Songs in the Key of Life, on my way in to work. It's such a great album that reminds me of my childhood.

My commute takes me to Union Station in DC, and you can see that they're amping up for inauguration activities this week. Most of the rotunda is closed off and it looks like they're building a stage. Fake blossoming cherry trees surround the area, and there were three moss-covered obelisks that look like mini green Washington Monuments. Once you get outside, there are three huge U.S. flags hanging from the front of the building. It's really quite lovely, but I couldn't really enjoy it because of what it represents and what's happening at the end of the week. I found myself feeling negative and refused to take any photos of the decorations, because I don't want to commemorate this inauguration in any fashion.

Just as these negative thoughts were flowing through my mind, "Isn't She Lovely" started playing through my headphones. What a pick me up! It's such a peppy song and great to walk to. By the time I walked to my office, I was in a great mood! I love the audio of Stevie and his daughter Aisha at the end. It's so sweet.

I think today I'll just listen to Stevie and keep the good mood going. Thanks Stevie! Turned my day right around!


Debbie said...

Today Show this morning featured 3 seemingly normal, intelligent women. None of who were strong right or left. And all 3 pro-choice. And one of them voted for Obama in 2009. And voted for Obama with his message of change. And Trump's message of change is what resonated for them which allowed them to ignore some of the things he said that they absolutely don't agree with. But they were willing to overlook for a chance of some change. So perhaps it's not as dire as we think it may be. I like to believe there is some hope. Maybe. We'll see. Another Civil Rights leader is meeting with Trump and he said you have to meet and have conversations with your adversaries otherwise you can't move forward. I agree with that. So again, hanging on to as much hope as possible.

Valerie said...

Do those women regret their votes now, after seeing that the kind of change he's bringing is not going to be good for the majority of U.S. citizens?

It's good to try to find some hope somewhere, but I'm not having much luck.

Kerri said...

I'm glad Stevie was able to give you a little pick-me-up. What a weird time to be living in D.C. this week I'm sure. We're all gonna need a LOT of Stevie over the next 4 yrs...