Huh? Who now?

I started watching the new season of Homeland where Saul and Dal go to meet the new president-elect. Elizabeth Marvel plays the pres-elect:

Several thoughts went through my head...the first was, wait, didn't she run for president on House of Cards? Yep, she sure did. Here she is on that show:

That's when I checked the characters' names.  On Homeland, she's Elizabeth Keane.  On House of Cards, she's Heather Dunbar, so no, even though they look exactly the same, there's no crossover situation, and these are two different characters.

Then I started thinking...but, isn't "Elizabeth Keane" on another show?  I first thought of Madame Secretary, where Téa Leoni's character was, I think, contemplating running for president the last time I saw the show (last season).  I looked her up, but no, while that character's name IS Elizabeth, her last name is McCord:

Then it hit me, Elizabeth Keane is on Blacklist!  But there, her name is spelled Elizabeth KEEN.

Conclusion:  There are just too many Elizabeths! 

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Debbie said...

And I have found there are several folks that were on House of Cards that have been on the Blacklist. So incestuous!