And now, another George Michael (and Jim Vance)

This video came up today in response to a friend's Facebook post.  I've posted it before, back in 2007, but it's always worth re-posting.  This is my favorite funny video of all time.  I have it bookmarked and it's my go-to when I need or want to laugh, or when anyone else needs a laugh.

By the way, the sportscaster, on the left, is also named George Michael.  This is from my local NBC channel and I remember seeing it live when it happened.  George, sadly, passed away several years ago.  He and Jim used to laugh like this a lot--it was always fun to see them together.


Kerri said...

i love it when you watch a news show like that and you can tell the hosts genuinely have a good time together and aren't just faking it- and that comes thru very clearly on this video. it WAS funny, and i like that they couldn't contain themselves. i was sad when i read on, and you said that George Michael is gone too. :( I bet those guys miss him.

Debbie said...

Love that video!