Red riding hood

My friend Kerri commented the other day about a post I wrote a few years ago about knitting.

As I mentioned in response to her, I haven't knitted anything in a while and will get back to it after I finish a crochet project I'm working on. Kerri asked if I've ever knitted a sweater for myself. I haven't yet, but I would like to. I tend to stick to square or rectangular items (washcloths, scarves, blankets), and a few occasional round items like hats. My ultimate dream, though, is to knit this beautiful coat:

I found the pattern several years ago and hope to attempt it some day. There are some additional pictures on Ravelry.com. You can also see some photos on Google images. I love it in red best, but the purple looks nice too. It's so beautiful and looks so comfortable. There's a lot I'll need to learn first before attempting this, such as cable knitting, but one day, I will get it done.


Kerri said...

that is beautiful.

i know very little about knitting, but i THOUGHT there were only two stitches- knit and pearl? i've only attempted scarves before and although i'd like to take on something else, i probably never will. i freaked out when i tried to read a pattern. OH, AND i need help when i screw up. i don't know how to fix a mistake...

i hope you'll make this dream sweater coat one day! it would be quite an accomplishment and i'm sure you can do it! :)

Debbie said...

Love it! Make me one, too! You did knit me a sweater once - it was like a cardigan-like item. I still have it. Though I have to admit, I don't really wear it. I had a hard time keeping it on, but I think if I add a broach or something I could pin it so it closes in the front.