I was off work today and decided to go see a movie.  I had two thoughts in mind--one was that I hadn't seen a movie in a long time and the other was that seeing the movie would give me something to blog about today. 

I can't wait to see Hidden Figures, but today I selected Moonlight because it's been out a while and I thought it might be leaving theaters soon.  I didn't know much about the movie but had heard such good things about it.  Now I know why. 

Now that I've seen it, though, I realize there's really not much for me to write about.  It's difficult to describe what the movie is about, beyond saying, "It's a coming of age story," because it's so much more than that.  It tells the story of Chiron, in three parts of his life--as a young boy, as a teenager, and as a man.  Each part is played by a different actor, who were all great.  Each part shows different moments in time that influenced Chiron's life.  I didn't read any reviews of the movie until after I saw it, and I'm glad I didn't because I feel they give away too much of the story and I don't want to do that, so I'll stop here. 


Kerri said...

i know nothing about it, besides what you said here... but i saw it mentioned on the golden globes and it's on my list.
my friend saw LION, also on my list, today and she said it was REALLY good. i ALSO wanna see hidden figures. so many movies to see.

i'm glad having a blog post that needed to be written gave you the "permission" to go see a movie today! how'd you pull that off on a thursday?

i use to allow myself to go to the movies during an afternoon with the promise to write a song about it afterwards. i wrote a LOT of songs that way. i need to make that deal with myself again!

Valerie said...

Today would be my regular day off but the government is closed due to the inauguration, so I got to push my day off to Thursday. Yay for two-day work weeks!

I want to see Lion too! We saw the story of the real life guy on 60 Minutes. Pretty amazing story.

Kerri said...

oh, i'll have to tell my friend- she'll want to look up that 60 min interview- i do!! thx!