Mark this momentous occasion on your calendars!

Uh-oh, world.  It's happened again...I downloaded a country song.

I actually had meant to do this a while ago, but I forgot.  Then today, I came across this video of a dad singing Tennessee Whiskey while his daughter records it.  I love this guy's voice and I love the pride you see in his daughter's eyes and smile.

Seeing that video reminded me of the performance on the CMAs last year or the year before with Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake singing Tennessee Whiskey AND Drink You Away. That was a fantastic performance and I meant to download Tennessee Whiskey at that time.

So, today, I finally did it.  I downloaded Chris Stapleton's version of Tennessee Whiskey. Time didn't stop, but I thought it might since it's such a rare occurrence for me to download country music.

THEN, I took it one step further. A while back, I discovered MediaHuman's app, YouTube to MP3, which lets you create MP3 files from YouTube that you can then listen to on your iPod or iPhone.  I downloaded the whole performance too because of course I LOVE the version with Justin taking part.  The only problem with YouTube to MP3 is there's no way that I could see to clip Brad Paisley's introduction at the beginning.  A quick Google search led me to Audio Cutter, which did the trick.

Now I'm all set on country music for a while!

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Debbie said...

He is good!!! And LOVE that JT performance. Best CMA performance ever! I loved that you could see that the crowd of country celebrities are just as big JT fans as we are!