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The Daily Show: An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and GuestsThe Daily Show: An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and Guests by Chris Smith

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I'm a huge fan of Jon Stewart and his years on The Daily Show and thoroughly enjoyed this oral history of the show from behind the scenes. They author talked to everyone...Jon, Colbert, Steve & Nancy Carell, writers, producers, frequent guests, even Glenn Beck. It was interesting to see how it all came together and the respect that everyone had for Jon Stewart.

All through the past election season, I kept saying that I wished he'd waited until the election was over before ending his show. As I was reading the book, I could see how that job could suck you dry and I forgive him for ending when he did. If he had stayed in, I'd be concerned for his health.

In describing the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, the author writes: "Otherwise he and Colbert were an excellent fit for the jittery moment in American politics—a moment very much in need of a few laughs and a dose of civility." Those words are still true today and I really wish those guys were still around to help me get through the current situation.

As an aside, this comment from Jon about the Rally cracked me up: "The night before the rally, I remember working with Hillary Kun. We were trying to figure out how to send a jet to pick up a variety of O'Jays. For some reason I had this stupid idea that the O'Jays lied together in the O'Jay house. They all wore the same outfit every day. They did their moves at the breakfast nook. It was a little more complicated than that." I really miss that humor.

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And that, ladies and gentlemen (really, lady and lady....aka Deb and Kerri) concludes my January challenge.  It was tough but I'm glad I did it.  I do feel back in the habit and though I won't be posting daily, I do hope to be here more often when I have something to say.  Thanks for reading!! 

UPDATE 2/10/17Holy moly.  I came to Blogger to write about something else and just realized I never published this.  OOPS!  


Debbie said...

Haha! Love the O'Jays!

P.S. I was going to tell you that I hadn't been getting emails about a couple of your last posts. Though it seems that way. But I'm also an email hoarder so may have gotten lost in the masses.

Kerri said...

i HAVE to read that now.

thanks for all those great blog posts that i LOVED reading. and altho i know posting daily is too much to ask, i'm so glad you'll be doing more of it. :) i bet there's more than just me and debbie- there are lurkers who enjoy it too but just don't comment. but hey, even if it's just for us, and for YOU, then it's totally worth it, right?! i think of mine as an online diary and love referring back to years past every now and then. i'm so glad we do it.