I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up by D.L. Hughley

I Want You to Shut the F#ck Up: Genius Thoughts on Our Idiot AmericaI Want You to Shut the F#ck Up: Genius Thoughts on Our Idiot America by D.L. Hughley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don't always care for D.L. Hughley's stand up comedy, but whenever I've seen him on Bill Maher talking politics and social issues, I always find myself nodding along. I had the same reaction to this book. I agree with him on a lot of things--politics, education, family, but not others: monogamy, guns, his views on women. He's kind of all over the place in this book topic wise, but I enjoyed it, and especially enjoyed getting the insight into his life (especially his childhood) and how he wound up where he is today, despite (or because) of his background. He ended with a nice tribute to Bernie Mac and I plan to see Kings of Comedy again soon.

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Too bad we can't stay baby.

I've watching last night's episode of ABC's new show 666 Park Avenue and every time the main character goes down to that basement, I want to scream at her...STOP GOING DOWN THERE.

This Eddie Murphy bit sums up my feelings about the show. (Sorry for the language.)

I don't think I'll keep watching 666 Park Avenue.  It just annoys me.  
Interestingly enough though, I can not wait for the new American Horror Story: Asylum that starts Wednesday.  I thought about Eddie Murphy when I was watching that show last season too, but for some reason, it kept me hooked.  I'm guessing it was just the audaciousness of the whole thing.

Ah, the memories

My mom sent me an email the other day that said:  
"Sunday Morning" did a story about the author of Winnie the Pooh.  All those pictures and songs reminded me of you singing:

Winnie AH Pooh, Winnie AH Pooh, funny little, fluffy, little buddy all stuffed with fluff, OH
            "                           "           willy, little silly old bear.

  I may not have all the words right, but you always cracked me up with this.  Do you remember?
 Ahhh...it made me smile so big.  I don't necessarily remember singing the song, but she's told me the story enough times that I feel like I remember.  What I DO remember is that I LOVED Winnie the Pooh (especially Tigger) and listening to "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day on my handy dandy Show N' Tell.  Now, who remembers this thing??

Not only did I listen to and watch the various books on this thing, but it was also my record player for a long time.  I remember listening to the Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Car Wash soundtracks on it, as well as my 45 records like Donna Summers' Heaven Knows which was always my favorite song of hers.

I'm so glad my mom sent me that note because all these memories came flooding back.  Man, those were the days.....  Geez...how old am I?  I sound like a crotchety old man!

Oh, and for good measure:

Gotta love that 70's 'stache.


Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

Beautiful RuinsBeautiful Ruins by Jess Walter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was pretty much perfect.

In a nutshell, it's about Pasquale, a young man who is the proprietor of a small hotel in a tiny village on the coast of Italy. He has big dreams of building up his hotel in order to attract American tourists. Suddenly appears a beautiful American actress, Dee Moray, who had been working on the set of Cleopatra when she learns she has cancer. The story goes back and forth between Italy in 1962 to current-day Hollywood (where Pasquale is trying to find the actress he met so many years before) and even to World War II and the Wild West. There are a lot of characters and story lines surrounding Pasquale and Dee, including one about Richard Burton, but they all flow together so well, and when it's over, there are no loose ends. It's about love, romance, loneliness, family, the movie business, hope, dreams, fear, relationships, and so much more. I just loved it and realized as I neared the conclusion that I didn't want it to end. I look forward to reading it again, as well as other books by Jess Walter.

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