TV's big night

The Emmys were on last night.  There was nothing too exciting, but I'm thrilled that Homeland won for Best Drama, Best Actor & Best Actress.  I think I mentioned in a blog a while back that I thought Claire Danes won that award with one scene in the 2nd to last episode of Homeland.  She is amazing in that role.  Game Change, the HBO movie about Sarah Palin, also won quite a few awards.  I was happy about that because my good friends were extras in the movie.  Clearly they added some oomph to the show to get it noticed at awards time.

So, a "friend" of mine on Facebook posed this question last night:  "Who's watching the Emmys."  Thinking there might be some fun conversation about the show, I responded that I was watching.  Here's what he said after a few responses, including mine, were posted: 
I "Don't Even Watch" prime-time t.v. mind fluff ( no insult meant ) - I am a learning nerd an watch Discovery, NatGeo, History, FoodNetwork etc... Yet, I figure this way I can learn what everyone is talking about an perhaps find a good prime time show. ;-)
He said no insult was meant, but yet, I sense an insult in there somewhere:  "I'm better than you because I only watch educational TV."


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My friend Kerri left me a message recently that said:  
i have a GREAT one to recommend- and make sure to have a box of kleenex beside you. it's funny, heartbreaking and beautiful. "the fault in our stars" seriously, get it NOW and read it. best book i've read in years and years and years. one of my all time favs!!! i can't say enough kudos about it!
Well, I'm one who likes to follow directions so I downloaded it immediately. I'm SO glad she made the recommendation. She warned me to have a box of tissues, but also mentioned that it was funny and beautiful. She was completely right. The main character, Hazel, is 16-years-old and has stage IV cancer. She meets Augustus in a cancer support group and they develop a wonderful relationship. Hazel and Augustus are so special. They face the world with humor and wit, and it's easy to see why they'd fall for each other. I fell for both of them too.

When you hear that a book or movie or TV show is about cancer, it just sounds so depressing, but when it's done well, you get insight into what it's like to live with that terrible disease. This book reminded me a lot of "The Big C" on Showtime and the movie "50/50." You laugh through the tears.

I didn't even realize this was a young adult book until I saw it on the shelf at Barnes & Noble. It's a very mature, heartfelt story, and it's not at all treacly. I know I'll come back to it again. I definitely recommend this one. As Kerri said, get it NOW!

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Fall TV 2012

Time for my annual TV schedule.  A little late since some shows have already started.  Here's what I'm going to watch this year.  (For now anyway.)


Catching up on SYTYCD

I haven't been blogging SYTYCD this year because I haven't really been into the show like I have in previous seasons. I'm still watching, but I'm two weeks behind. A friend told me last night that next week is the finale, and I was like, what? Already?!

Right now I'm watching the show from two weeks ago (Aug. 29), and I when I see something like what I'm about to show you, I realize it's why I really do love this show, even if I've been a little lazy about it this year. Meet Cyrus. First of all, his easy-going personality and smile gets you past the holes in his ears. As you'll see in the little interview, he just seems like the sweetest guy in the world. And second of all, HOW IN THE WORLD does someone move like this? At about 1:30 into the video, he doesn't even look human anymore. It is truly amazing, and as Nigel said earlier during this episode, the show has never been about American's "Best" Dancer....instead, it's about America's "FAVORITE" Dancer, and I'd say Cyrus is right up there. Actually, at this point with 4 guys and 4 girls left (again, based on the 8/29 show), I like them all, but Cyrus is pretty special. He's never had any training and yet he hangs in there through all the different styles and he truly holds his own.

Okay, enough from me. Check out this solo performance:

And compare that to this:

What?! Wow.


On the iPod

I've been into Grace Potter & the Nocturnals lately. I downloaded their album of the same name several months ago though I can't remember why. I think I might've been reading something that said, "If you like so-and-so, you should check out Grace Potter." Or maybe it was a positive review in Entertainment Weekly...I honestly don't remember. Then, after I downloaded it, I never listened to it. (I've been on a Zumba music kick for months now.) Then, a couple weeks ago, I just put the iPod on shuffle, and Paris (Ooh La La) came on. I love that song and was thinking "Hey, when did I get that song?!" I then started listening to the rest of the album, and it's so great. It's rock & roll with a bluesy feel sometimes, and sometimes a country feel. I just love it. I see they have a new album out...I'm going to get a little more familiar with this one before I go seeking out another, but I know I'll get it eventually. Ladies and gentlemen, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals: