I love your smile

My sister and I were walking around DC today when we heard Shanice's "I Love Your Smile" playing at an outdoor restaurant.   I told her it reminded me of my drives to college.   My sister said it reminded her of a time she and a couple friends were hanging out when they were in college (4 years after me), and she called in to a radio station to request the song, and got to hear herself on the radio.  I love how hearing one song can take you right back to a certain place and time.

And speaking of smiles to love, I'm sitting here watching "The Mentalist," and in my humble opinion, Simon Baker has one of the greatest smiles going.

(Sorry about the ad.)


Idol elimination night

A bunch of fluff for tonight's show before we get to the results.  First we learn about Aerosmith's upcoming tour.  Then we get a taste of the Twitterverse and all the contestant's idols who tweeted about their performances.  Deandre actually got a visit from Eric Benet, who came out and gave him a big hug.  Deandre looked liked a little girl.  Then there's the Ford commercial, and them a clip about the contestants moving to their big house.  I fast forwarded...I'm sure it's a nice house.

Finally, at 13 minutes into the show, we get some results.  Ryan brings up Elise, Hollie, and Phillip.


Idol...Top 9 perform

After Ryan does intros, we get a group fashion consultation with Tommy H.  I still don't understand the point of these segments.  Fast forward.

So, tonight the kids will be singing by themselves (songs by their idols) AND they'll also be singing in trios.  Stevie Nicks is the mentor.  I love Stevie Nicks.


From 10 to 9

Elimination night on Idol.  Because it's late, I'm just going to give a very brief run down.

Lana Del Rey performed.  Because my brain was already permanently scarred with the memory of her performance on SNL several weeks ago, I didn't even listen to one note. 

Joe Perry came on stage with the contestants to wish Steven Tyler a happy birthday.  I guess this means he no longer feels Steven sold out to appear on the show.  I also guess they're still friends after Steven said the rest of Aerosmith ride his coattails on 60 Minutes.

Haley Reinhart performed her new single.  It was good to see her on stage again. 

And finally, Deandre, Heejun and Erika were in the bottom three, and good grief, Erika had the fewest votes.  She sang for her life, but the judges decided not to use their save.  I wasn't expecting her to be in the bottom at all.  My pool is already screwed up in week one.  Oh well. 

The Top 9 get to move into the big Idol Mansion.  Good for them.  On to next week.


Idol's top 10 perform

The show opens with all the Idols' tears at dealing with Shannon's departure last week.  Nice mood setter, but then the text on the screen says that the Top 10 go on...and go on tour.  Good for them.

Tonight the kids are singing Billy Joel.  Steven says if you can't sing Billy Joel, you can't sing at all. His songs have great melody.

Diddy's here to mentor and Tommy Hilfiger is her to consult on fashion.  Who CARES!?!?  The show is already too long at 2 hours.  They could probably cut it to 90 minutes without that segment. 


Elimination Night (or is it?)

I mentioned yesterday that because Jermaine was removed from the show, that sometime in the near future, we'd have a week where no one goes home, and then the following week where two people go.  Will it be tonight? Let's find out.

After Ryan does the intros, we're introduced to Tommy Hilfiger who is the "Image Advisor" on Idol.  Okayyyyyy.  Fast forward.

I continued fast-forwarding through the Ford ad.

Now for some results.  This is my favorite part of the elimination show--where Jimmy Iovine gives his critique of the performances, and sometimes of the judges.  It's the closest we can get to having Simon's honesty on the show.


Scandal night on Idol

So, the rumors were swirling around today that Jermaine Jones was being eliminated from Idol tonight. Turns out his sob story about being estranged from his father was untrue. Hey, that's no reason to kick someone off the show. But, lying about your criminal past and having two outstanding warrants for your arrest is. Scandalous. Ryan's all mysterious in the beginning, hinting that someone had to be eliminated, but he doesn't say who right off the bat. As if America didn't already know. Way to keep people watching the show, Ryan! Scandal is always good for ratings.

But, the show must go on.

Tonight the contestants are singing songs from the year they were born. Songs will range from 1983 to 1995. Will.i.am is the guest mentor.


13 to 12

It's results night on Idol.  Tonight Ryan will first identify the bottom 3 guys and bottom 3 girls, and then the guy & girl with the fewest votes, and then the judges will make a decision.

The group song was Stevie Wonder's "As," and this group actually does a nice group sing.  Many of the group have rhythm, so there was even some nice choreography.  I liked hearing Jermaine's voice in this mix--he definitely should get a group together.

Before Ryan gets to the results, there's a message from Jimmy Iovine.  He said:
Before anyone comments on any of these singers tonight, I'd like to say one thing:  God mass produces billions of people--in my opinion, too many--but in the case of Whitney Houston, he stopped everything and made one by hand.  He made an extraordinary human being, and that's why it's so difficult for these girls to sing these songs.  Now, as fas as Stevie Wonder's concerned for the boys, that's no walk in the park either.

Idol's Top 13

It's time to hear the Top 13.  This week, the guys will be singing Stevie Wonder and the girls will be singing Whitney Houston.

I have to admit, I'm going into this with low expectations--especially for the girls.  How many times have the judges told the contestants not to even attempt Whitney, Mariah, Celine, etc?  And now they're doing a whole show?  I respect that they want to honor Whitney's memory, but I have a bad feeling about it.

On the guy's side, I imagine two comments:  either, "that song is so classic, why would you change it up" OR "it sounded too much like the original, you should've made it your own."

We'll see.  I'm truly hoping I'm proven wrong on all of this.  


Heft by Liz Moore

HeftHeft by Liz Moore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I ordered this book based on a recommendation from author Jennifer Weiner. About "Heft" she wrote: Every once in a while, you read a book with such well-written, memorable characters that you know you're going to remember them forever.

She's exactly right. This book pulled me in immediately, and I absolutely loved it. I really would like to give it 4.5 stars.

The story is about three main characters. Arthur Opp is a former professor, and now a reclusive, morbidly obese man (500+ pounds) who hasn't left his home in ten years. Charlene Turner is a former student, with whom he connected and maintains a sort of pen-pal relationship, and Kel Keller is Charlene's son.

Idol's Big Cut

Tonight we're going from the Top 24 to the Top 13 on Idol.  Why this has to happen over a two-hour period is beyond me.  The Top 5 girls and Top 5 guys will be based on viewers' 33 million votes.  Then each judge will get a wildcard pick, making up the rest of the 13.

First up are the guys.  Ryan calls up Chase, Phillip and Jeremy.  Chase is the Brendan-Fraser-looking country guy.  Phillip is the one who reminded me of David Cook, and Jeremy is the sweet guy that comforts all the other contestants.  

Oh what's this?  Jimmy Iovine is back!  He's wearing a blue and black sweater that looks just like one I had in 1987.