Mobbed--a low point for NBC

Wow. I'm watching an episode of Howie Mandel's Mobbed that was on the other night. The show is about creating a huge flash mob to surprise someone with big news. It's one thing to create such a huge production for a marriage proposal, but what they've done on this episode is disgusting. There's a guy who wanted to create this flashy dance scene so he could apologize to his 18-year-old daughter for not really being there for her most of her life. Dude. Take her out to dinner and make your damn apology. Why does this have to be a big television production? I saw a preview for an upcoming show where a guy is telling someone he's their father. WHAT?! With song and dance?????


Glee's good again

Since they've limited the shenanigans of Sue Sylvester this season on Glee, I find I'm enjoying it much more.  I loved the performances for the West Side Story production.  I LOVE Idina Menzel.  And I like that Santana and Mercedes are getting more singing time.  Which leads me to this...this weak featured one of my favorite performances on Glee since it started.  Santana and Mercedes did a mash-up of Adele's "Rumour Has It" and "Someone Like You."  LOVED IT.

In other news, I saw Ides of March over the weekend. Good movie with strong performances. It just shows what a game our political system is. Ryan Gosling was great, as always.


R.I.P. Heavy D

I was so sad to hear of the passing of Heavy D last week.  His music was a BIG part of my high school/college years.  It wasn't just that I loved his stuff, but also that I was dating a guy who kinda thought he was/ wanted to be Heavy D.

There was a nice piece on NPR about Heavy D's influence on hip hop.

My favorite song was Somebody for Me:

And finally, his recent performance on the BET Awards. He looked just as good as he did 20+ years ago:

R.I.P. Heavy D


My eyes! My eyes!

I saw Drive today starring Ryan Gosling.

First the good:  Ryan Gosling plays a quiet loner who works as a getaway driver by night, and a car mechanic and part-time stunt driver by day.  He has a crush on his neighbor, and his desire to protect her and her young son leads to all kinds of trouble.  Ryan Gosling is an amazing actor.  Just his presence says so much without him uttering a word.  He can just stand there and with a look, you know exactly what he's feeling, whether it's tenderness toward his neighbor, or, for example, his disdain for Al Brooks' character upon meeting him the first time.  Anytime he's on the screen, I am just mesmerized.