Okay, so I'm late.

It was a busy week last week and I didn't get a chance to see SYTYCD until now.  I decided not to do a rundown of the show since it's so late, but holy shit.  I just watched Sasha and Twitch and had to post this.  Their hip-hop routine to Dorothy Moore's Misty Blue was FANTASTIC.  I love that Christopher Scott put the hip hop to an old 70's R&B standard.  This was truly amazing.  My favorite of the season so far.



Who are the Top 10?

It's late and I'm tired, so this will be a quick summary of tonight's SYTYCD elimination show.   Next week, the dancers will pull a name of another contestant, AND they'll draw a name of an all-star.  Wait...that's 20 performances!  Too much.

The All Stars will be:
Meloday - Season 1 (don't remember her)
Allison - Season 2 (love her)
Pasha - Season 3 (LOVE Pasha!)
Twitch - Season 4 (YAY!)
Comfort - Season 4
Chelsie - Season 4
Brandon - Season 5
Kathryn - Season 6
Robert - Season 7

They asked Alex Wong to come back as an all-star, but just this past Saturday evening, he injured himself.  The same injury he got during SYTYCD, this time on his left foot, instead of his right.  Man, poor guy.



This is the last week the couples will be performing together on SYTYCD.  And tonight they'll each be dancing two routines.  After tomorrow we'll have our Top 10, and next week, they'll be dancing with the All-Stars from previous seasons.

The guest judge tonight is Jesse Tyler Ferguson, a.k.a. Mitchell from Modern Family.  Love him!  Glad he's on.  Jesse said he did some Broadway, and three years of "theme park," so he really knows his way around a jazz square and a Grand Battement.  (I totally had to look that up--it's pronounced "grond-bot mon", and it is a big kick where the working leg is raised into the air and brought down again while both knees remain straight.  I'm picturing the Rockettes.)  Anyway, choreographer Sonya Tayeh is also on the panel tonight.  And of course we have Mary and Nigel. 


SYTYCD top 14

Man, a week goes by quickly.  Hard to believe it's already time for SYTYCD, but alas, here we are.

There are four judges again this week.  Nigel and Mary, of course, and with them: Carmen Electra and Travis Wall.  Travis!  Carmen Electra actually has an interesting dance background--she started dancing when she was five.  In school she majored in ballet and modern dance.  She won Miss Dance Ohio, and then she moved to L.A., where she worked with Prince and Jamie King (I looked it up--he's a concert director), and most recently, the Pussycat Dolls. 


Why you should be watching Treme

Time to update your Netflix queue!

"How Treme Found Greatness in Ordinary People and Counterintuitive Storytelling" by Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

AttachmentsAttachments by Rainbow Rowell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'd really like to give this book 3.75 stars. I came across it at Barnes & Noble under their Discover Series and was drawn to it because the author, Rainbow Rowell, is from Omaha, Nebraska. My parents are from Omaha, and I've gone there once a year my whole life (40 years) to visit family.

The story takes place in 1999/2000 and is about an IT guy named Lincoln who works for a newspaper. Lincoln's job is to monitor employee e-mail messages that have been flagged for violations such as bad language or inappropriate subjects. E-mails from Beth and Jennifer are frequently flagged, but as Lincoln reads their messages, he finds himself intrigued by them and the stories of their lives.



I was going through some (way) older posts on my blog, which I discovered I've been writing since 2005. (That actually kind of surprised me...really?  Six years I've been doing this?)

Anyway, I came across a post from January 9. 2006, where I wrote:
I only have a few minutes, but wanted to post about the funniest commercial on TV right now. Clearly it's the spot for Sprint Nextel where the guys are "dancing" (if you want to call it that) to Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It." This commercial makes me Laugh. Out. Loud. every time I see it. If I'm in another room and hear the song playing, I'll run in to see the commercial. This the funniest ad that's been out in a while--we have to enjoy it while we can. It's hysterical!
As I was reading that tonight, I was thinking, what the hell was I talking about?? 


Bad summer TV

= Necessary Roughness on USA.  I'm sitting here watching the pilot episode.  Terrible.  It has these dramatic scenes interspersed with light quirky music like it's telling you that now this scene will be funny--and then it's not.

Bad, bad TV.


And then there were 7 (couples)

Didn't get a chance to post about SYTYCD last night, but here's a very quick rundown:

Group dance - Song: 'The Incredits" from The Incredibles soundtrack.  Choreographed by Michael Rooney.  I gotta say...this might be the first time I didn't think a group dance was great.  They were out of sync, I didn't care for the music, and it seemed to go on too long. 

Bottom three couplesAshley & Chris, Miranda & Robert, and Caitlynn & Mitchell.

Guest performance #1 from AXIS, which is a dance company that features performers with and without disabilities.  In the performance, the male dancer was in a wheelchair.  It was such a beautiful and moving performance.  Song:  "Partita for Violin Solo No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004: V. Ciaccona" performed by Janine Jansen.