SYTYCD top 16

I almost forgot SYTYCD was on because I was watching The Voice finale.  My man Javier did his thing and won.  I love him, and his duet with Stevie Nicks tonight was oh so good.  I'm happy for him.  And yay Adam Levine for picking the winner.

So, we've got 8 couples dancing tonight.  Kristin Chenoweth is the guest judge.  Lil C is on the panel tonight too, as are Mary and Nigel.

Something new...there are group performances tonight.  The judges won't be critiquing these performances, but they will take them into consideration tomorrow night when they're deciding who should stay and who should go.


Summer TV

Despite most network shows being on summer hiatus, I'm still watching plenty of good TV.    Here are the shows I really look forward to each week:


SYTYCD - 4 are eliminated

I'm late watching this week's elimination show, but somehow have managed to get through the whole day without hearing who was eliminated.

The show opens with a group dance to "Sinner Man" by Nina Simone.  There's a section in Alvin Ailey's Revelations that's performed to that song.  (In fact, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater performed it on SYTYCD a year or two ago.)  Now it's interesting to watch very different choreography to that music after seeing Revelations so many times.  This looks like it may have been choreographed by the guy from Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.  It was interesting, but the group wasn't completely in sync the whole time, and they seemed a little off.  Oh, it was choreographed by Dave Scott...I was wrong. 


The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The HelpThe Help by Kathryn Stockett

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this in anticipation of the movie coming out this summer. I really enjoyed the story and found it to be a true page-turner, especially the last third of the book, which kept me up until 1:30am to finish it. The story takes place in 1962 and is told from three points of view: 1) Miss Skeeter, a young, affluent white woman; 2) Aibileen, an older black maid, who works for one of Skeeter's best friends and is devoted to the white children she's raised over the years; and 3) Minny, another black maid, who speaks her mind, and often finds herself in trouble for doing so. Skeeter wants to be a writer and convinces Aibileen, Minny and several other black maids to discuss their experiences (good and bad) working for white families for a book, to be published anonymously. The maids do this despite the risks of unemployment or even violence because they recognize their chance to have a voice in midst of the racial injustices of Jim Crow Mississippi.

Each character was strongly developed and each had such a distinct voice. I was a bit uncomfortable at first reading the so-call "black vernacular" as written by a white woman, but I ultimately thought she did it well. I was impressed that I could read each chapter and know who's telling the story, just because of how it was written.

Definitely recommend this one.

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SYTYCD Top 20 dance again!

If you'll recall, no one was eliminated last week, so we get to see all 10 couples perform again tonight.  But....tomorrow night, four, count' em, FOUR, people will be eliminated.

Our guest judge tonight is Debbie Reynolds.  They showed a clip from Singing in the Rain...I might have to watch that this weekend.

The first couple to perform are Ryan and Ricky (whose real name, we learn, is Roderick).  (The dancers had to reveal something embarrassing about their partners--Ryan's leg hair grows fast.  You're welcome.)  This week they're performing a Mandy Moore jazz routine.  Ricky says it's X-rated.  Mandy says it's a sexual-tension-filled routine.  Song:  "Addicted to Love" by Robert Palmer.  They were very good.  Not sure I felt the sexual tension between them, but they looked great.  And I think Ryan outperformed Ricky this week.  Nigel said it was "sensational." Mary said they were so strong.  Debbie said she's never seen anyone perform sexier.

Caitlynn and Mitchell are next.  They're doing a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine about a relationship coming to an end, at least in her mind.  Song: "Turning Tables" by Adele.  (LOVE this song!)  Wow.  That was amazing.  I loved when she ran and leapt from the chair and flew into his arms.  I felt the tension between this pair, unlike the first dance. Caitlynn was bleeding by the end...Mitchell accidentally hit her.  I watched again, but couldn't tell when it happened.  It was some time early on though.   Anyway, Mary said it was flawless.  Debbie said they were so beautiful and so dramatic.  Nigel said it was remarkable...not just technical, but there was so much turmoil.  He said "Dance is the language of the soul, and that's what came across tonight." Lovely quote, Nigel.

Missy and Wadi are dancing a cha-cha choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux.  (Where's his wife?)  This is a new genre for both dancers.  Jean-Marc says this routine is the most difficult he's ever done for the show.  Song:  "Cannibal" by Ke$ha. They did a nice job, but it was kind of boring.  I also didn't feel any chemistry between these two--the routine should've been hot!  Debbie said "Muy bueno."  Nigel critiqued Wadi's technique and said there was a lot missing.  He said Missy was very, very good.  Mary got more technical with Wadi, but said it was respectable.  She said Missy is the Cha-Cha Queen.  She said it looked like Dancing with the Stars tonight, with Missy as the professional and Wadi as the student.  Debbie said Wadi can cha-cha with her any time.  Aw...poor Wadi.  Cat said "You made Debbie's night, I think," and he said, "Well, at least I made someone's night."  He seemed so dejected.

Next are Iveta and Nick, doing a Bollywood number by Nakul Dev Mahajan.  Song: "Baawre" from the Luck by Chance soundtrack.  They did a good job.  the routine was very fast.  Nigel said they did it with such panache tonight.  Mary said they were super entertaining.  Debbie loved it and told Nick that as a tap dancer, she would've freaked out doing this routine. 

Miranda and Robert get to do a NappyTabs hip-hop routine about woodpeckers.  Woodpeckers?  Really?  (In case you're wondering, Napoleon looks cute as ever.) Robert is the old and wise woodpecker and Miranda is the young chick.  Robert says it's a "coming of age story" (said tongue-in-cheek).    Song: "Break Ya Neck" by Busta Rhymes.  Robert's fantastic in his style and Miranda held her own.  It was fun to watch.  She seemed to fall in the routine after doing a back flip--but he caught her and going with the theme of the routine, it kind of looked like it was meant to happen--but I don't think it was.  Mary said that considering Robert is a free-styler, he did an amazing job with the choreography tonight.  She said Miranda was amazing tonight.  Debbie said they were fabulous and that she was mesmerized by them.  She then did her imitation of Woody the Woodpecker!  She's a bet kooky, I must say.  I don't know what Nigel said because I started looking at something else on the Internet and didn't feel like rewinding.

Next are Clarice and Jess.  Stacey Tookey's back to choreograph a contemporary routine.  She says it's a love story about a prince, and she's just married into royalty.  Song:  "Cathedrals" by Jump Little Children.  That was lovely.  Jess' personality gets on my nerves, but I love to watch him dance.  Clarice looked beautiful.  Debbie said they touched her heart.  Nigel said he enjoyed parts of it.  He loved the work they did separately, but when they came together, it felt uncomfortable.  He said it just didn't look right.  I can see what he means...part of it is probably that Clarice is about three inches taller than Jess.  Mary said that Jess' emotions were perfect along with his great dancing, and that he had so much control.  She added that Clarice is stunning. 

Jordan and Tadd are next.  Doing a Viennese Waltz by Jean-Marc.  Uh-oh..I worry.  Song: "Fade into Me" by David Cook.  I didn't have to worry--they were great.  Nigel said it was absolutely beautiful.  He told Tadd, "I need to remind you that you are a b-boy."  And that it's the best he's seen a b-boy dance something like the Viennese Waltz.  Mary said Tadd is the biggest surprise of this season.  She said that Jordan has transformed herself into one of the most beautiful ballroom dancers.  Mary's bursting with pride.  Debbie said they reminded her of Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Cyd Charise.  Wow--quite a compliment. 

Melanie and Marko perform a Mandy Moore jazz routine.  Song: "Sing with a Swing" (Raf Marchesini Radio Edit) by DKS.  Uh-oh, Marko lost his hat during the routine.  Beyond that though, they were great.  I really love this couple.  Mary said, "Everyone has a voice when they dance, and you guys are speaking LOUD and CLEARLY."  Debbie rambled on about something.  I guess she said they are stars, because Nigel concurred with her. 

Seems like a long show--there are still two routines to go!

Sasha and Alexander do a NappyTab hip-hop about a soldier coming back from Afghanistan and seeing his wife for the first time.  Song:  "Coming Home" by Diddy-Dirty Money & Skylar Grey.  
I loved it!  Very emotional.  Sasha was so into it.  Alexander held his own--and I loved when he did a headstand over her back into a flip.  Debbie loved it.  Mary's in tears and said it's a story that hit home for her, and she hopes everyone gets to come home soon.  Nigel found it ironic that we're 10 minutes late tonight because the President announced that we'd be withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan.  He said they showed all the emotion and passion that will come from those reunions, and they danced it so well. 

Last up are Ashley and Chris.  They get a jazz/Broadway routine choreographed by Spencer Liff about a woman visiting her man in jail.  They dance the whole time with a row of bars between them...Spencer points out that a routine like this has never been done on the show.  Song: "Please, Mr. Jailer" by Rachel Sweet.  That was great....very unique.  I think it was better to see it on TV than if you were in the audience since the cameras could show all sides of the jail bars.  Nigel said we just saw another hip-hop boy do a wonderful jazz/Broadway routine.  He hopes Chris is here for many weeks to come.  And Nigel wants Ashley to visit him the next time he's in prison.  Mary put them on her Hot Tamale Train.  Debbie said they were sensational. 

Good show.  My favorite performances were Ashley & Chris, Sasha & Alexander, Melanie & Marko, and Jordan and Tadd.  Oh, and Miranda & Robert.  And Caitlynn & Mitchell. 

Hmm....maybe it would've been easier to say who I didn't love:  Missy & Wadi and Iveta & Nick.  It'll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, but these are the four I'd send home.


2 of the Top 20 are eliminated on SYTYCD

The group dances kicks us off.  They're wearing black post-apocolyptict type costumes.  Music:  "XR2" by M.I.A.   This has to be a Sonya routine.  Yep, I was right. 

July 30 will be the National Dance Day.  They will put three routines (easy to hard) online and then people can do flash mobs all over the country.  That would be fun.

Cat brings out the first three couples for results.  Melanie and Marko are safe.  Of course they are, after this beautiful performance: 

Missy and Wadi are safe.  Iveta and Nick are safe too.  Missy and Wadi are the only ones I would've put in the bottom, so now I already know I'll be disappointed to see whoever winds up there.

WTF?!  Jordan and Tadd are in the bottom three, while Ashley and Chris were safe.  Jordan and Tadd were one of my favorite pairs.  Well...it'll be good to see their solos.  Clarice and Jess are in the bottom three.  Caitlynn is safe.  We already know that Caitlynn's partner, Mitchell, will also be in the bottom since he was unable to perform last night.  Doctors, however, have cleared him to dance a solo tonight, so we'll get to see something.

Keri "Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Beautiful" Hilson sings lip synch's "Lose Control." 

Ryan and Ricky are safe.  Miranda and Robert are in danger.  Sasha and Alexander are safe.

So the bottom three couples are:

Jordan and Tadd
Clarice and Jess
Miranda and Robert

Tadd, Jordan, Jess, and Robert should not be in the position to have to dance for their lives.  They're all excellent, and were great last night.  That leaves Clarice, Miranda, and don't forget Mitchell.  Based on last night, I'd send Clarice home mainly because Jess really made their routine--she was just a supporting act.  That leaves Mitchell for the guys--it's not fair since I haven't seen him yet, and the poor guy is injured, but the other guys were so great last night. 

Mitchell does his solo to "Say" by John Mayer.  Wow.  He's a gorgeous dancer.  Tough decision.

Jordan does "Hot Like Wow" by Nadia Oh.  I love how she pirouettes on one foot while her other leg is straight up in the air.

Tadd does his hip-hop to "Jump, Jive an' Wail" by the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Awesome.

Clarice is up.  She dances to "Glam" by Christina Aguilera.  Great leaps and leg extensions.

Jess dances to "Mr. Bojangles" by Robbie Williams.  He's great.  I suspect an annoying guy to be around, but amazing to watch.

Miranda dances to "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Leona Lewis.  She starts right off with a leap and a forward aerial.  But, after that, and compared to the performances before hers, this one was a little dull.

Robert the Woooo Man, dances to "Electric" by Omarion.  He is just so much fun to watch. 

We get an exclusive look at Gaga's new video, "The Edge of Glory."   Also, we learn that she'll be guest-judging later in the season.  Hey, Clarence Clemons is in the video.  I wish him well. 

Before the judges get to their decision, Nigel ask for thoughts and prayers to go out to Clarence. 

And now, the judges ask Mitchell and Robert to dance again before they make their decision.  Man...talk about pressure for the dancers.  Maybe they'll keep everyone and eliminate two teams next week.  The guys perform again, but then they bring the ladies back out for their decision first.  Nigel gives comments to the girls, but then, no decision.  Then he brings out the guys for their comments.  Hurry up Nigel...my Tivo's going to cut this off!  Stop talking and get to it!  And ta-da!  They're not letting anyone go home.  I knew it!  But...four people go home next week.  I knew it.

I think that was a good decision.  First time they've done it in 8 seasons. 

Looking forward to next week.


SYTYCD first night of competition

The Top 20 will perform tonight. Two dancers will go home tomorrow based on America's votes. Three pairs will be in danger, and I imagine as in previous seasons, the judges will decide who to save.

The Top 20 are:

Ashley (contemporary)
Alexander (contemporary)
Caitlynn (contemporary)
Chris (hip-hop)
Clarice (jazz)
Jess (a guy - broadway)
Iveta (ballroom)
Marko (jazz)
Jordan (jazz)
Nick (tap)
Melanie (who looks like Ginnifer Goodwin - contemporary)
Ricky (contemporary)
Miranda (contemporary)
Robert (hip-hop)
Missy (jazz)
Tadd (love! - hip-hop)
Ryan (a girl - contemporary)
Wadi (a guy - hip-hop)
Sasha (contemporary)

Tonight on the judges' panel is Nigel, Mary, and Megan Mulalley. Megan Mulally? What's she doing there? Well we learn that she was a ballet dancer back in the day--she's also done some Broadway shows. And, she's seen every episode of SYTYCD.

I wasn't counting the dancers, but one dancer was missing. Mitchell injured his elbow and doctors have advised him to rest. He can't perform tonight, and he's automatically in danger of elimination tomorrow. Poor guy--he's sitting in the audience with tears in his eyes. That has to suck.

First couple up are Jordan and Tadd--yay--my two faves (so far). They'll be dancing African Jazz, choreographed by Sean Cheesman. He says the piece is inspired by the lava of a volcano. Music: "Riding the Waves" by Afro Celt Sound System. They were awesome! So much power. Nigel said it was tremendous. Mary expected Jordan to knock it out, but she was sensational. She was worried for Tadd (the B-boy), but that went away after two seconds. She says he emerged as a star. Megan complimented the precision and power, and brilliant choreography.

Next up are Sasha and Alexander. The two contemporary dancers get to do a contemporary routine choreographed by Travis Wall. Travis says the routine is about Alexander's conscience coming back--he did something wrong in a past relationship, and the conscience has come back to tear him to shreds, the way his ex was torn to shreds. Music: "Stupid" (Mark Bell Mix) by Sarah McLachlan. Wow..she ran and jumped into his arms with one leg over his shoulder, the other at his waist. Very cool. Another great pairing and another great performance. That was fantastic. Mary said it was another great routine by Travis. She said that Sasha is so strong, dynamic...she has power, stage presence. Mary didn't feel connection between the two from Alexander. Megan loved it. She said Sasha came into this as a favorite and that isn't going to change any time soon. She also felt the disconnect from Alexander. Nigel loved it. Said he needs more emotion from Alex and that Sasha was outstanding.

Clarice and Jess are paired next. They'll be dancing Broadway--good for Jess since that's his specialty. Tyce DiOrio will be choreographing. Jess has been on Broadway three times. Music:  "Me and My Baby" by Liza Minnelli.  Cute routine, but before I watched it, my sister commented on Facebook that Clarice's black undies were peeking out from under her costume, so that was all I could see. Megan loved everything about it. Nigel said Clarice is a beautiful girl and beautiful dancer, but she'll need to work hard to keep up with Jess. He says he can tell that Jess is going to be one of his favorites this season. Mary said it was an amazing celebration of dance.

Ryan is paired with Ricky. They're dancing Lyrical Hip Hop, choreographed by Christopher Scott from the League of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD), who are AMAZING (see below). Music: "Ain't No Sunshine" by Lighthouse Family. Ricky is a great dancer--his moves are so fluid and smooth. Ryan holds her own, but looks a bit jerky, compared to Ricky. Good routine. Judges liked it, though they were a little confused by the story. Megan said it was beautiful.

League of Extraordinary Dancers

Next is Caitlynn is paired with Mitchell. But gosh, we already learned that he's hurt. They will be dancing one of Sonya Tayeh's jazz routines. Since Mitchell's not dancing tonight, Caitlynn dances with Season 7's Robert. Music: "In for the Kill" (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix) by La Roux. Great routine. Caitlynn held her own against Robert who is SO talented. Mary said Caitlyn's legs and extension are spectacular and that she was luck to have Sonya as a choreography. Mary said, "You. Were. Brilliant." Judges loved it. (I'm multi-tasking here and don't have time to record all the judges' comments.)

Miranda is partnered with Robert for a jive routine by Jason Gilkison. Music: "Runaway Baby" by Bruno Mars. Robert channeled his inner Urkel and was so much fun to watch in this routine. He was the nerdy guy going after a girl way out of his league. Megan said you'd have to be in a coma not to like that. Nigel dinged Robert for not pointing his toes. And asked for more confidence from Miranda.

Next are Missy and Wadi for a jazz routine by Sean Cheesman. This one is about Pandora's Box and sexy demon clones being released. Music: "Judas" (R3hab Remix) by Lady Gaga. Hmm...not sure how I felt about that one. They didn't seem to have much chemistry and it's like there were two separate performances going on. Nigel loved it. Mary loved it. Megan loved it.

Melanie is paired with Marko for a contemporary routine by Travis. Lucky for them since they both dance contemporary. The story is: two separate statues come to life at night, and the male statue wants to become one statue. Music: "Turn to Stone" by Ingrid Michelson. Wow. Exquisite is the word that comes to mind as I watch this routine. Both Melanie and Marko have such grace and control. Beautiful. Mary has tears in her eyes and said, "every once in a while a number comes along that is so magical and everything happens like one with the universe. There's this perfect partnership, this amazing chemistry, this amazing technical level of dance, there's this amazing artistry...and amazing, amazing choreography....It's just breathtaking. Megan had tears too. She said "It's one of those special ones." I agree. Nigel said this is the first night, and this could be the first Emmy-nominated routine. He thinks Melanie is the best female dancer ever on the show.

Ashley and Chris are next. They're taking on hip-hop (convenient for Chris since that's his style) choreographed by Chris Scott. A couple discovers they're cheating on each other. Chris has an emotional moment during practice because he was cheated on once before. I feel ya, Chris. Music: "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green. Cute routine--but Ashley looked a little too happy throughout, considering the story. But they did make up in the end, so that deserves a smile. Nigel thought it was a fun routine. Mary said it was pure entertainment. Megan loved it.

And finally, it's time for Iveta and Nick. Iveta didn't seem too excited by her partner. They're dancing ballroom (the quick step) by Jason G. They say she's 30 years old, but I think she looks much older than that. Did anyone check her long form birth certificate? Music: "Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet. I always look forward to Mary's commentary after the ballroom dances. It looks good to me, especially for a quick step, but what do I know? Well, Mary and the other judges gave a standing "O" so I guess that says it all. Oh! Iveta better have done well--she's the world champion of the quick step! Nigel said Nick "came up to scratch," or in other words, held his own. Mary read off a checklist of what a quick step is supposed to have, and this routine had it all.

Whew, this is long. Thanks for hanging on if you made it this far.

The only routine I didn't really enjoy was Missy and Wadi. The teams are very strong this season, and this was a great show. It'll be hard to see anyone leave.


SYTYCD and The Voice

I just finished watching the Top 20 dancers revealed on SYTYCD.  (I fell behind last week preparing for a yard sale on Saturday--not sure all that work was worth the $105 I made....)  ANYWAY,  as I noted in my post on June 2, it's usually not worth it to start rooting for dancers during the tryouts because you may never see them again.  Against my better judgment, on June 5, I posted five videos of the auditions I liked.  While all these videos are worth watching, of the six contestants I really enjoyed, only two of them made it to the Top 20: Jordan Casanova and Tadd Gadduang.

It looks like a good group this year. There's a terrific group of hip-hop dancers, include Tadd. American Idol needs to take note of how this kick-off show was done. Instead of a full hour or two of contestants walking down the long hall to receive their news, the news-giving was interspersed with performances of the Top 20. Much better approach.

This year, the Top 20 will perform in pairs. Once they get to the Top 10, the SYTYCD All Stars will be introduced. I look forward to that too. Should be a good season.

Now, to The Voice...just a couple of comments. First, Adam Levine's team's group sing was MUCH better than Cee Lo's. I enjoyed Javier Colon's solo from Adam's team as well as Vicci Martinez' performance from Cee Lo's team. I didn't really love anything else--so, based on the performances last week and this week, Christina and Blake had the stronger teams.

Also, I really disliked* Curtis Grimes' (from Cee Lo's team) country rendition of Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love." Ew.

*I say "disliked" because my sister hates when I use the word "hate."

I missed the first 20 minutes of the show, but it turns out that American saved Beverly (yay!) and Christina saved Frenchie.  Those were my faves, so I'm happy.

At the end of the show, we learn that America saved Dia from Blake's team.  Not sure I agree with that.  Remember, I was annoyed by all the accolades for doing something original, when it had really already been done before?  Anyway, Blake makes the decision to save Xenia, who I loved!  Awesome.  Blake said he can't affect change with Jared or Patrick like he can with Xenia.

Next week we'll find out who goes through from Adam and Cee Lo's team. 


The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson

The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great MigrationThe Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a fascinating read about the Great Migration of millions of Black people from Jim Crow south to areas north and west during the period ranging from 1910 to 1970. Isabel Wilkerson is a wonderful story teller, and she brings history to life through the story of three people who left the south (Mississippi, Florida, and Louisiana), at different time periods (1937, 1945, and 1953) for different destinations (Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles), and for different reasons (to get out from under sharecropping, to avoid being killed, and the hope of better opportunities).

I really grew to care for these three, and couldn't help but wish my grandparents were still alive so I could ask what prompted them to leave the Louisiana/Texas area and wind up in the Midwest.

The personal experiences of these people in the south were heartbreaking, disheartening, and sometimes made me feel sick to my stomach. Their resolve to get out of their respective situations to try to find something better for themselves is absolutely inspiring. It was also interesting to read about how their final destinations weren't necessarily the places of freedom they were expecting. They still experienced racism in Chicago, NYC, and L.A., it was just different.

This is an enjoyable and educational read. It's an important book that I'd recommend to everyone.

Next up is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I figured it's a good time to read this since 1) the movie's coming out soon, and 2), I just read the truthful account of Jim Crow Mississippi which will help put this fictionalized account into perspective.


What's happening on The Voice

I don't have it in me to blog the whole show, but here are some comments.

First, I loved Adam Levine's performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the beginning of the show. I also liked Cee Lo, Blake Shelton, and Adam doing "We Will Rock You." I did not, however, care for Christina's rendition of "We Are the Champions."

Dia Frampton, who is on Blake's team performed Kanye West's "Heartless." She was at the piano and started out off strongly, but got a little pitchy toward the end. She's cute and talented. But, here's what annoyed me. Carson Daly went on about her phrasing and how she really made it her own. CeeLo said it was "Very original. Probably the greatest rendition of the song I've ever heard. I think it was great." Adam said, "That was the most refreshing, unique thing I've seen on the show so far. It was such an incredible idea...it was your idea right? It was the best thing I've seen on The Voice so far. Definitely the coolest." Well. That's all well and good, but Kris Allen did this exact rendition on Idol in 2009. I was pulling for Adam Lambert that season, but I loved Kris' performance of this song. He did it with a guitar instead of piano, and frankly, his version was much better. I wish Dia had given credit where credit is due.

I really enjoyed Christina and her team's performance of "Lady Marmalade." And I love Beverly--bald and bad ass, (and my age...). She's aweseome.

I love Xenia's voice, but she really needs to work on the performance. Her timidness was making me uncomfortable.

Also loved that Blake and his team performed Maroon 5's "This Love." Adam seemed pleased. This group performance wasn't as good as Christina's though. The ladies were a little weak compared to the guys. I love Jared Blake's voice, and Blake Shelton was awesome! Someone on Twitter pointed out that Blake treated his team like his TEAM, whereas Christina treated her team as her backup singers--that's a good point.

And can I just say, "You go girl!" to Frenchie Davis?! She was fantastic!

My votes are for Frenchie and Beverly on Christina's team, and Jordan and Xenia on Blake's team, though I hope Xenia can loosen up and get over her nerves. Two singers from each team will be saved. One based on America's votes, the other based on Christina or Blake's decision. Next week, Adam and CeeLo's teams will perform. Looking forward to it.


More SYTYCD auditions worth noting

These auditions from Los Angeles were really good:

Jordan Casanova dancing to "Naughty Girl" by Beyoncé

Derion "DC" Chapman dancing to Frank Sinatra's "That's Life"

Arielle Coker - I'm not sure of the song, but check out the kick around 29 seconds. WOW.

BUT...this one--Hero McRae--was AMAZING. You just don't usually see girls moving like this. She is incredible.

Then I see that maybe I spoke too soon about girls not moving this way, because here comes Patty Anne Miller:

Good stuff in L.A.!


Too soon to become attached

A friend of mine noted that I haven't posted anything yet about the return of So You Think You Can Dance. (I would add that I haven't posted anything about anything in a while.) Of course I'm excited that the show's back, but I've learned over the years that it's a waste of time to fall in love with dancers during auditions because more likely than not, they won't make it to the top 10 or 12, or however many they start with, and you'll never see them again. But then I went on to tell my friend about an audition last night that I really enjoyed. It was a B-boy who did his routine to music that had me expecting Charlie Chaplin to walk on stage. The routine was charming, quirky and whimsical, and I figured it'd be worth it to show it here. I hope Tadd does well in Vegas, because he's also pretty easy on the eyes. (He's 25 so it's okay for me to say that.)

Tadd Gadduang audition - SYTYCD 2011

In completely unrelated news, I would like to recommend that you create a "Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam" station on Pandora immediately. You'll hear great stuff from the late 80s-early 90s like Exposé, The Cover Girls, Ready for the World, Prince, Janet Jackson, Chaka Khan, Nu Shooz, New Edition, etc. Great stuff!