From 6 to 5

Came in to Idol late, and the show wasn't recording. Boo. When I turned it on, Lady Antebellum was performing. I do like them. Then, I THINK Ryan said we'll learn the fate of Casey, Mike and Siobhan. I don't know if that means they're the bottom three, or if we haven't heard anything about their placement yet. (I wasn't watching the screen at the time, so I don't kow if they were by the weird chairs or not.)

Now, Shakira and her weird voice is performing with Rascal Flatts. The song's okay, but her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Okay, Mike, Casey & Siobhan ARE in the bottom three. I'm surprised about Casey--he was the best last night that he's ever been. Ryan announces that Mike is safe. I was surprised about that too. I thought he was in danger. I'm afraid Siobhan's going to go and then I have to face the virtual screams of joy from some friends who can't stand her. OR, there could be screams of despair if Casey goes, because they love him.

Dang. It's Siobhan. This really screws up my pool because I had her at #2. Oh well....

She sang "Think" as her swan song and did a great job. Lisa de Moraes in the Washington Post pointed out that Siobhan didn't get a chance to respond to the judges critique last night, which is what she does really well. Could that have lead to her being voted off? We'll never know.

Now we're down to five: Crystal, Mike, Aaron, Lee and Casey

We'll see what happens.


Top 6

Wow, we're really getting close to the end aren't we. Only six contestants left on American Idol, and tonight they're being mentored by Shania Twain, and singing her songs.

First up is Lee - he did a nice job with "You're Still the One." Judges liked it--Kara liked that he actually smiled a few times while singing, while Simon commented that he was making strange facial expressions.

Mike - "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" - Shania was moved to hear his voice to her lyrics. Mike sounded good, but I didn't love the song. Ellen said it was like Luther Vandross singing. Kara liked that he connected to the song and put his mark on it. Simon agreed with the Luther comparison, but he thought the performance was "wet." Supposedly meaning, it was a little "girly" for Mike. Whatever. Shania loved it.

Casey said he was going to change it up tonight, and actually "sing." He sang a lot more than in the past (no guitar solos), and he did a GREAT job. Last week he got dinged for not doing anything different. His song tonight was "Don't." He kept his eyes closed for the last half of the song--maybe he felt uncomfortable because he was sitting behind the judges and so close to the audience. Randy said it was one of Casey's best performances EVER. Ellen said it was THE best. Kara liked that he was vulnerable and raw. Simon said last week was a much needed wake up call, and agreed that it was his best performance so far.

Crystal sings "No One Needs to Know." Crystal says it's a message to her boyfriend, and says he'll "man up, one of these days." Sounds like she wants to marry him someday. That was a cute song, and she did a nice job. I agree with Randy though, that it wasn't my favorite performance. He liked that it was actually a country version of Shania's song. First one we've heard tonight, really. Simon said it was limp, and that it reminded him of a performance in a coffee shop where you don't want the performer to sing to you. The judges still really like her, but this wasn't her favorite. Crystal said she had a great time with the performance. The boyfriend was in the audience--he's cute!

Aaron's next. I'm already not looking forward to it as we go into commercial break. He'll be singing, "You've Got a Way." I'm realizing that Shania's advice to all the contestants tonight was some variation of "connect with the song and show the audience who you are." That's basically what she told Aaron too. This song is good for Aaron--dang it, I didn't want to like it, but he did a really nice job. Randy said this was his "wheel house." Huh? Ellen liked the amount of emotion and depth he showed. Kara agreed. Simon said he really struggled the last couple of weeks, but tonight he was like a different artist. Simon said it was sincere and believable, and that it didn't sound like he was singing someone else's song.

Siobhan's singing Shania's first #1 hit, "Any of Man of Mine." She sounds great on this song except for on some of the very low notes. She did her big scream at the end and was on key this time. (She hasn't been the last few times she did it.) Randy loved it. Ellen said, "Way to pull the Shania 'Twain' into the station." Kara said, "Guess who's back?!" Simon said he really liked it despite his not really liking country music. I'm with Simon.

Wow...it's going to be hard to choose this week. NO ONE performed badly, so in ranking the performances, I have to do it based on how much I liked it, versus how well or badly the songs were performed. So:

6. Mike (sorry Mike--I still need you in the competition for my pool!)
5. Aaron
4. Lee
3. Crystal
2. Siobhan
1. Casey

Wow...this might be the first time Casey's been first, definitely the first time Crystal's been lower than the top 2. (I'm too lazy to go back and check.) Should be interesting tomorrow night.

Now it's time for Glee, and I'm happy!


On TV tonight

I watched "Who Do You Think You Are" tonight. This week's episode featured Susan Sarandon, who was trying to track down what happened to her maternal grandmother, who apparently was a dancer at the Copacabana. She learned that after her grandmother abandoned Susan's mom and family, she remarried, but never had any other children. Susan found some nieces from the grandmother's brother-in-law, and met with them, and got an idea of who this lady was. What I was thinking as I watched is, how would I react if a famous movie star knocked on my door and announced that we're connected in some way. That must be overwhelming, but the nieces took it in stride. That'd be so cool.

In other news, I was watching Real Time with Bill Maher. Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a guest, and in case you don't know, Al Pacino is playing the doctor in a movie called You Don't Know Jack which debuts tomorrow. My thoughts about this is, how would it feel to learn that AL PACINO is playing you in a movie? That must be quite a feeling. Also, in case you're wondering, Dr. Kevorkian says the worse thing about prison is the snoring. !


Idol gives back night

Tonight's Idol is the special Idol Gives Back night where they raise money for charity causes in the United States and in Africa. At the same time we'll also find out who's eliminated. So far, Casey and Aaron are in the bottom two, Crystal and Lee are safe. It's down to Mike, Tim and Siobhan, but first we have a great performance from Joss Stone (love her!) and Jeff Beck doing "I Put a Spell on You."

Before this, the show started with a welcome from the Obamas. Then we had the terrible, lip-synched group song, done by the Top 12. The chorus sounds just like Cyndi Lauper's "All through the Night." Everyone's wearing white--at least they all look nice.

After that Jennifer Garner went to a small town in West Virginia to show how the "Save the Children" program is helping. It's interesting that Jennifer is from West Virginia, and occasionally during this spot, you hear a little W.Va. twang in her voice. Cute.

The Black Eyed Peas performed "I Wanna Rock Right Now." I've decided that although I love their albums, I don't like hearing them live. Their live performances are always a bit of a mess. Tonight was no exception.

There were a couple of bad comedy bits thrown in. The first with Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. The other with George Lopez, whose shtick just ain't that funny.

Alicia Keys performed and then COMMON WAS ON STAGE to introduce Carrie Underwood. I LOVE HIM. (Please see previous post.)

They also featured various episodes of where the Idol charities help out. Ellen went to a food bank with David Arquette, who does a lot of work with a charity called Feeding America. I was struck by how mature he seemed. He's always so goofy in movies and interviews I've seen. When did he grow up?

Wanda Sykes did a bit of stand-up. Unfortunately, not that funny.

Then it's time for more drama. Who will join Aaron and Casey in the bottom three? Siobhan, Mike or Tim? It's Tim. America seems to have agreed with my rankings last night.

David Cook (still love him!) comes out to talk about his charity work in Ethiopia.

Annie Lennox was supposed to be on the show, but couldn't travel because of the Icelandic volcano. Oh wow--several months ago, Annie visited with a very sick HIV-positive little girl, and now that the little girl has had proper treatments and care, she's doing so well. Wow. That really got me.

Next up is Mary J Blige and lots of other people, including Randy Jackson, doing "Stairway to Heaven." Go Mary! They worked it out!

Simon reports on the Children's Health Fund's work in southern Arizona through use of a mobile health unit. Nice.

Elton John comes out discusses his work to raise awareness and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. He performs "Your Song" on a fancy red grand piano. Love this song.

And now it's time to find out who got the fewest amount of votes. (Next week is Shania Twain week--I don't really like country week, but at least a lot of her stuff crosses over to pop and I'll be familiar with it.)

OK, the first person's who's safe is Aaron. The person leaving is TIM URBAN!! FINALLY!!!! This will help my pool--woo-hoo!

My man...


In a movie soon called Just Wright with Queen Latifah. Saw a scene in the trailer where he's working out with his shirt off. Ooh la la.

I'm in love.

I couldn't find a picture of that scene, but this picture will do...

I'm wathcing Idol as I post this and guess who's in the audience? COMMON. Looking good!


Top 7 perform

Quick post tonight--I've got to get to bed. (Famous last words, right? Whenever I declare a short message is on the way, they end of being really long. I apologize in advance.)

Alicia Keys is the mentor this week, and the contestants are singing inspirational songs--in honor of Idol Gives Back week.

Casey sings "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac. Not my favorite song...got burned out on it during the Clinton years, I think. Casey does okay, but it's not his best. Bad song choice. Judges agree--they want to see something different from him.

Lee sings Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer." Lee did a nice job with this song. Unfortunately, he had a lot of saliva while he was singing and it was kind of gross to watch. Nevertheless, he sounded great. Simon said it was the best of night, even though we're only two in. He called it "absolutely brilliant."

Tim's doing "Better Days" by the Goo Goo Dolls. He's pitchy--I think the register started too low. It was not a very good performance. Judges didn't care for it, but Simon said he's improved over the weeks, though this performance was a bit of a let down.

Little Aaron's singing a song he's been singing since the age of five. "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly. Ugh. I hate this song. (Okay, a caveat--the song's not that bad, but I really hate R. Kelly.) Aaron's voice sounds too weak for the song. Eh. Didn't do much for me. Judges disagreed with me and went on and on about his big voice. Oh well. Except for Simon who said it wasn't very good, and would have changed the station if he heard it on the radio.

Siobhan's singing "When You Believe" by Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey. I'm nervous about this one. She looks really pretty tonight. She sounded much better tonight than she has the last couple of weeks. Good job! Judges thought it was the wrong song. Ellen liked it though. Note: I called in for Siobhan and her line was busy, busy, busy. I hope that's good news for her tomorrow.

Big Mike's doing "Hero" by Nickelback. Mike did a nice job--his voice sounded great on that song. Kara didn't like it. Simon said he sang it well, but it sounded artificial (ostensibly because it made Simon think of Spiderman.)

Crystal's singing "People Get Ready" by The Impressions. She looks beautiful. No guitar tonight, and she started off a cappella and sounded amazing! She did a fantastic job with the whole song, and wow--ended in tears. Very moving. Randy gave her a standing "O." Simon said, "Now that was inspirational." As Kara said, she schooled the rest of the contestants. I agree with Simon that her performance was in a completely different class than what we heard the rest of the night.

7. Aaron
6. Tim
5. Casey
4. Siobhan
3. Mike
2. Lee

1. Crystal

Tomorrow Idol gives back. The show starts at 8, and Ryan announced that it will probably go long, so set your DVRs accordingly. Should be a good show.


Random thoughts and info

Here are a few things I've been meaning to mention:
  • Long ago I rented Fellini's La Dolce Vita from Netflix. It's too embarrassing to say how long ago...let's just say I paid a lot of money for that rental. (It's also been long enough for me to forget why I rented it in the first place. I probably heard it was some great piece of film making, but I don't know from where.) Anyway, I ended La Dolce Vita thinking, "Wha?" Then I read some history on it and it made much more sense. I can now see how it's considered a great film due to structure, symbolism, controversy, filming, casting, etc. But on it's own, without that background data, it's kinda weird. Alexander Payne (the director from Omaha who made "Election") did an intro to the DVD and he said this was Fellini's last film of "neo-realism" (whatever that means) before he got into the really avant-garde stuff. That's kind of hard to believe, because this one's a bit strange too.

  • Why is the Brawny man singing to me in commercials? I really hate those commercials.

  • I watched HBO's new series Treme last week and am already so intrigued by it. I think it's going to be a great series. There was a "making of" special on today that was really interesting. I think it helps that I was in New Orleans last year. There's a musician in the show--playing himself--named Kermit Ruffins. I got to see him and his band perform while there. On the making of show, they showed a dive diner called Mother's, where we had breakfast one morning. I have Creole ancestry on my dad's side of the family, so I think that increases my interest too. The show has a great cast, great music, great story. After airing the pilot episode, HBO announced they were picking Treme up for a second season. I take that to be good news.

  • Will someone please tell the powers that be that Preston's mustache on Desperate Housewives looks ridiculous?
Okay, that's all I've got, for now.


Now we're down to 7

We lost two contestants last nigh on Idol: Andrew and Katie. (NOT Tim and Aaron, as I was hoping for.) I fast-forwarded through much of the show, but enjoyed Adam Lambert's performance. He's still great.

In any case, if you'd like a run-down of the full show, check out Lisa de Moraes' post on washingtonpost.com.

In other news, I've been meaning to comment on this season's United States of Tara. While this show has some funny moments, I'm perplexed as to why it's classified as a comedy. Something very serious and dark happened to Toni Collette's character that caused her to split into multiple personalities. We don't know what it is--perhaps she was raped or molested as child. Regardless--it's not funny. I enjoy the show very much, but I certainly don't laugh all the way through. At the very least, they should call it a "dramedy," but event that's too much. The show is definitely a drama with funny moments.

And finally, Maroon 5 has a new album coming out soon. I can't wait! I saw yesterday that they're going to be performing at the Today Show in July. I checked with my sister to see about going up for that. No decisions yet, but we just might. We like to grace NYC with our presence at least once a year anyway, so we may as well go so Adam Levine can sing to us.


American Idol night

The top 9 are performing tonight. Even more exciting than that is that Glee's back at 9:28pm. (Huh?)

Looks like they'll be singing Elvis tunes. And, Adam Lambert is their mentor. Yay! He looks good. I miss him. Adam's the first contestant to come back and mentor the contestants. He says he wants to give honest but constructive criticism.

Crystal's up first. She's singing "Saved." Woo!! She did awesome! The crowd's on their feet. Judges loved it too. Simon said it's a lyric he can relate to "Lying, cheating..." Har, har, har. Simon liked that she didn't choose an obvious song, chose something that suited her and was unexpected, and didn't fall into the karaoke trap, which he fears some others will do tonight. (Did I hear Tim's name?)

Andrew's doing "Hound Dog." After he sang it the first time, Adam told him it was boring. So, he's going to twist it up. Let's see how it goes. He added a bit of a latin beat...hmmm. I fear the judges will say that made it sound old fashioned. His voice sounds good though...just not sure about the arrangement. Randy said it was definitely not-good karaoke. Ellen liked it though. Kara wanted to feel more. Simon said it was lazy and unpredictable. He thinks that Andrew's "coolness" has been sucked out of him.

Tim's singing, "Can't Help Falling in Love." Adam suggested that he sing in falsetto at the end. His voice sounds a little shaky tonight. Ryan's dancing with some big man in the audience which drew a bit of a chuckle from the audience, which I don't think is fair to Tim. He didn't take Adam's advice, and sang in his regular voice at the end. It was just okay for me, dawg. BUT. Randy "actually liked it." Ellen thought it was beautiful. Kara said it was her favorite Tim performance ever. Simon said he went from "zero to hero." I guess I'm just over Tim and didn't hear what the judges heard.

Lee's up and he's singing, "A Little Less Conversation." Adam gave him advice about performing to the crowd with his facial expressions. His voice sounds awesome on this song. He did a great job! Randy said "you are definitely in the zone, dude." Ellen said it sounded like a brand new song--and liked that he's showing more confidence. Kara loved that he really went for it tonight. Simon said it was "on the money."

Aaron's doing "Blue Suede Shoes." Aaron looks even younger standing next to Adam, who's about two feet taller. Adam told Aaron to get to the growl in his voice. I think Aaron just did a hip swagger. Oh no...he shouldn't be doing dance moves. He was okay...again, I'm over him so couldn't really enjoy it. Randy liked the 2nd half of the song. Ellen & Kara liked it. Simon said it was like someone at a high school doing a concert at the end. He thought it was karaoke. Simon wasn't crazy about it.

Siobhan and Adam are wearing the same hairdo tonight. Slicked back on the sides, and poofed up on top. Siobhan's singing "Suspcious Minds." Adam suggested she sing it a bit more up tempo. She's sounding good tonight! She made up for the last couple of weeks. Randy liked the second half where her big vocals came out. Ellen too. Kara's confused by her two voices. Simon thought first part of song was terrible and that the big notes were screechy.

Big Mike is up with "In the Ghetto." Mike did a great job with that song. Very heartfelt. It was great. Adam Lambert gave him a standing "O." Randy said it was a little sleepy, but his vocals were hot. Ellen's glad they saved him. Kara said he sang it well. Simon said it was one of his favorite performance that Mike's done.

Anytime I hear this song, this is what I hear:

(That's my favorite South Park episode, by the way. Am I to understand there will be no side dishes?)

Katie's doing "Baby, What You Want Me To Do?" Perfect song based on the critiques received from the judges over the last few weeks. She sounds great tonight too. Randy said, "Nice vocals. I was entertained." Ellen said, "It's a very horny song." Then after the crowd's reaction, she clarified, "There are a lot of horns in it!" Ellen & Kara liked it. Simon did not. He thought it was too loud.

Last up is Casey. If he picks the right song, he should shine tonight. He chose "Lawdy Miss Clawdy." I liked the hat Casey was wearing in his rehearsal with Adam. Good look. I'm not familiar with this song, but I like it. Casey did a good job. Randy said it wasn't anything different, but it was a solid performance. Ellen said it wasn't as exciting as she would've liked. Kara said it fell short. Simon called it a wasted opportunity, but called his vocal good.

My rankings:

9. Aaron
8. Tim
7. Andrew
6. Siobhan
5. Casey
4. Katie
3. Lee
2. Mike
1. Crystal

Since the judges saved Mike last week, this week, two contestants will be saying goodbye. (Tim and Aaron, please!) We'll see tomorrow!


Don't Bring Home a White Boy - a review

Don't Bring Home a White Boy: And Other Notions that Keep Black Women From Dating OutDon't Bring Home a White Boy: And Other Notions that Keep Black Women From Dating Out by Karyn Langhorne Folan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book, written by a black woman in a relationship with a white man, was written to try to encourage Black women to have open minds about interracial dating. The author explores and dispels ten notions that black women tend to cite as their reasons for not dating outside of their race. My mind is already open to interracial dating, so I didn't need to be convinced. Thankfully, my parents never said anything like, "don't bring home a white boy" to me, but my mom tells me she got that her father practically said those words to her when she was younger. This type of generational difference in the thinking about interracial relationships is one of the notions discussed. This book was thought-provoking and explored aspects of interracial dating that I'd never really thought about before. It was an interesting read.


From 9 to 8 (maybe)

Don't have much time to go into details about tonight's show. I fast-forwarded through most of it so I could just see what happened. (I did pause for a moment to wonder at David Archuleta's new hairstyle. Then I ended up listening to some of his whole performance--I remember him doing a nice job of "Imagine" when he was on the show, and he did well again tonight. I can admit it.)

The results: The bottom three were Big Mike, Andrew and Aaron. (I just realized, by the way, that there are only 3 girls left. Interesting.) The first one back to safety is AARON?!?!?!?!?! WTF. All those teens doing the voting. BIG Mike got the fewest votes! WHAT? And now he has to sing for his life. If the judges don't save him, this will really screw with my pool, but will be good for my friend who had Mike leaving a long time ago.

For his final song, he sings This Woman's Work. Good choice--this is when he got the best reaction from the judges a few weeks ago. I think they'll save him. If they do, I think next week two contestants will go. (Hopefully Tim and Aaron....hard to believe Mike was in the bottom and not Tim.)

And the judges say: We're gonna see you next week. WOO!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd stood and cheered, the judges stood and cheered. Then the judges hugged and hi-fived each other. Um, why? I guess they were happy that the crowd approved of their decision.

OK. We'll see what happens next week!


Top 9 Perform

Tonight the contestants are singing the Lennon/McCartney songbook. As Randy said, some could be really good, some could be really bad. We'll see.

No mentor tonight, but Paul McCartney wished them well via video. Instead of a mentoring segment, we get to see the contestants discussing each other. Yawn.

Aaron's up first with The Long and Winding Road. My summary: he was pitchy in places. Not his best performance. Randy didn't like the arrangement. Ellen said it felt like a long and winding song. People booed her, but she's right. Kara basically said, "been there, done that" because all his performances are the same. Simon said it was old-fashioned and boring, and then got booed loudly.

I hate these post performance interviews and backstage scenes. Just get on with the show.

Here comes Katie. She's doing Let It Be. [I think I've mentioned this before, but if you haven't seen Across the Universe, get it, and watch the DVD extras to see the woman auditioning with this song. There was not a dry eye in the house when she's done. The movie's good too.] As for Katie, she did a nice job with this song. I can hear a very subtle country tone to it like Simon keeps talking about. This is my favorite performance of hers. Randy said it was her best performance EVER. Simon said she got it right and then said, "the reason you got it right--and I don't want to take all the credit for this--is that you were absolutely leaning in the direction which I hinted at very strongly which is it's more country." The other judges were flabbergasted, but he's right. He heard what I heard.

Andrew's doing Can't Buy Me Love. It started off with a funky beat and then it got to swinging. I liked it. Not sure if the judges will. Randy said it was a solid performance, a little corny at times. Ellen loved it. Kara thought he should've done more with the interpretation. Simon felt the band overpowered the whole arrangement, so it was corny, old-fashioned and irrelevant.

Big Mike's singing Eleanor Rigby. I love it. Funky yet with a string section. I might have to download that one. Randy said it could be a "joint" on his album. Ellen also loved it and called it incredible. Kara said it was "fire" and that his vocals were amazing. She said he made the song commercial and relevant today. Simon didn't love it as much as the other three--it reminded him of musicals, of which he's not a fan. Simon also said it was too over the top.

Crystal's up next with Come Together. She chose it because of it's "fun groove." I agree with that sentiment. I love it!!! Definitely downloading this one. She sounds fantastic. Randy loved it, even though it might not have been her best performance. Ellen said she's running out of ways to tell Crystal how good she is. Kara said it's one of her favorite's of Crystal's and of the night's. Simon said he could hear it on the radio. She was accompanied by a gentleman playing a didgeridoo. I must get one of those.

Tim's up next. He's doing All My Lovin'. Oh dear...what did he do to his hair tonight? Maybe he was going for the 60's shag look. Thing is, it's 2010. Anyway, he sounds fine, but it's kind of dull, and again, it sounds Broadway at times. Randy thought it was better than the last couple of weeks. Randy also commented on the Beatles-ish kind of 'do. Tim says it wasn't on purpose. Simon thought he did really well. Despite this praise from the judges, I think it's important to share what my friend Jessie had to say: OMG!!!! If Tim does not get voted out tonight I'm going to jump out a window and hope the glass punctures my ear drums so I don't have to hear him sing again!!!! I love Jessie--she has a way with words!

Casey does Jealous Guy. Forgive me Beatles fans, but I didn't know John Lennon wrote that! I have a great version done by Donny Hathaway on his Live album. Casey's accompanied by a cellist--very nice acoustic version. I love it. Randy was impressed that he took this leap and set himself apart. Ellen said it was his best to date. I think I agree. Kara liked his vulnerability and depth. Simon said it was the best performance of the night so far.

Siobhan is doing Across the Universe. A nice quiet performance. Her voice sounds really lovely on this song, and she's on key this week. Very nice. Randy liked her tender side. Ellen thought it was beautiful. Simon liked it too. Oh jeez. They just allowed a heckler from the audience to come on stage and give Siobhan a hug. I can only imagine what she was thinking. (This was the same dude that loudly booed Simon when he was critiquing Aaron.)

Lee's doing Hey Jude. Yay! This is my favorite Beatles tune. [If you're ever at The Silver Diner, it's Q3 on the table-top jukebox. I play it every time I'm there.] I love Lee's raspy voice. A bagpipe player comes down the stairs at the end. Interesting...... Lee did a good job, but the bagpipes were a little distracting. Randy, Ellen and Kara liked it. Simon said he wouldn't have added the bagpipes. He said Lee was doing great, and then the bagpipe player showed up. Simon said it was like the guy showed up for another show. Here's one more critique from my friend Jessie: Val! What was up with the bagpipes???? I love Lee, but that was some weird stuff there! I laughed so hard, I couldn't stop!

OK, this week is tough to rank, but here goes:

9. Aaron
8. Tim
7. Andrew
6. Siobhan
5. Lee
4. Katie
3. Mike
1. Casey
1. Crystal

I couldn't decide between Casey and Crystal so I tied them at first. Good show.

Oh gosh...David Archuleta's gonna be on tomorrow. The way Jessie felt about Tim tonight is kind of how I felt about David Archuleta during his season. I'll bet Ryan brings Aaron out on stage with him or makes at least one joke about their similarities. Joy.


Men being men

A couple months ago, I went to a Moroccan restaurant with some friends and my sister, Debbie. The restaurant featured belly dancing. Debbie and I got there early and noticed that one half of the restaurant was filled with men. Our waiter told us there's some training program nearby that sends their students to the restaurant from time to time. Not sure what type of training it is, and why it's 90% men, but whatever.

After a little time, the belly dancing began. There was one woman who performed on a dance floor in the middle of the restaurant. She was quite lovely and entertaining.

Debbie and I happened to look over at the men-filled side of the restaurant, and here's what we saw. Guess they liked it too....

Really guys?? Recording, too?