David wins!

OK. Obviously, David won. But I mean it was MY David! I was actually shocked and totally thrilled! I was completely expecting, and had resigned myself to, David A. to winning. The finale show was actually pretty good this evening--lots of performances and not a lot of sentimentality. (It was there, just not in overabundance.) My favorite performances were those of Donna Summer and George Michael. It was great to see them!

Early in the show, the Davids sang "Hero" by Chad Kroeger. They actually sounded quite good together--nice harmonies and all that.

Which reminds me...since I'm sort of giving props to David A. here, I just watched the final two performances earlier today (I've been on vacation--much more on that later). Something happened that I never expected...I actually clapped for David A. after his performance of "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me." I clapped for him! Where'd that come from? Well, I love that song, and I just thought he sang it really well. Good for him.

Anyway, in my opinion, the best man won. I can't wait to see what David comes out with.

Some other quick notes:

  • I'm thinking tonight's show was the last AI finale I'll be watching. Hopefully the show won't drag me back in next year--it's like a monkey on my back.

  • So You Think You Can Dance starts Thursday night!!! That's a show I don't get tired of.

  • I LOVE Freddie Rodríguez as Gio on Ugly Betty.

  • The finales of How I Met Your Mother and The Office were great! Definitely left me wanting more.

  • I've heard that Desperate Housewives will do the same, so I'm off to watch that shortly.

  • My vacation was in Barcelona, Spain--it was wonderful! Unfortunately, my luggage didn't make it home with me--I'm hoping it arrives tomorrow. My camera dock is in my bag so I can't post/print pictures 'til I get it back. Grrrr.... Anyway, I was sad to leave Debbie, who's there for 5 more weeks, but I was also glad to get home. I don't go back to work until the 27th, so I'm now enjoying an extremely long Memorial Day weekend. Did I plan that well or what? (For those who don't know, my sister was participating in a 3-month Spanish-language program in Barcelona. She was there for a month, had to come home for a while, and is now resuming the program. Check out her blog for details on the first part of her trip. She plans to resume the blog once she gets settled back in.


America's Top Three

Jason Castro was FINALLY voted off AI last night. This was the best decision "America" has made in weeks. Now the final three are David A., Syesha, and David C. At this point, I'm kind of hoping for David A. to just win it, so that he can be bogged down in AI contract stuff, and David and Syesha can move on and do their own thing.

I was talking emailing with some friends this morning, and I think we're going to hang it up after this season. In fact, my friend Valerie threw out the challenge to see who could last the longest without watching. I took her up on it, but said it'd be difficult because Debbie will probably try to sabotage me. We'll see. Anyway, the show has been awful this year, and we just haven't been that into it like in the past. David C., Carly Smithson, and Michael Johns should be the top 3--they were the most talented. Instead, we had a situation where Jason Castro was *this* close to making it. Ugh!

We're apparently not the only ones feeling this apathy. Last night's episode garnered 21.8 million viewers, which although is a lot of people, is also AI's lowest viewership since 2003.

I've now got my eyes on So You Think You Can Dance, which starts in a few weeks. It's a much better show, anyway.


AI's Top 4 Perform

Oh man....last night's American Idol was one of the worst episodes ever. The contestants got to choose songs from among the inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. That's a HUGE library, and yet Jason Castro said he was only familiar with a few of the songs. WTF? A lot of the other song choices were questionable too. When you have so much available to you, why would you choose "Stand by Me." Because you're David Archuleta, that's why. It was almost destined that he choose that song since it's so slow.

Last night was the first time I truly didn't enjoy a performance of David Cook's. This was when he sang "Hungry Like the Wolf." I'm still not clear on why he chose that song. (I also didn't know Duran Duran was in the Hall of Fame.) The sound mixing was messed up so you couldn't hear the band--this made it sound like David was singing too fast. It just wasn't good. His second song, "Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland)" by The Who, was much, much better.

Syesha did Tina Turner's "Long Time Coming" and Sam Cooke's "Long Time Coming." I thought she sounded great on both songs. Simon panned her for doing a bad Tina Turner imitation, but I think he was referring more to her dance moves than her singing. Her singing was really good. She got emotional when the judges critiqued her second song--Randy didn't like it, and made her cry. Bad Randy! But, she said she was emotional because she did some research and found it'd been written during the Civil Rights era and it made her think of her own journey. I guess she was overwhelmed by the moment.

Jason Castro. Oh geez. First he did Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff." It was AWFUL. I just saw a show where Bob Marley performed this, and I explained to Debbie how Marley was so relaxed and just into the groove. Jason on the other hand, seemed so over eager--it was just embarrassing. But, he topped the embarrassment with his second song, Bob Dylan's "Tambourine Man," where he missed a bunch of lyrics and substituted "da, da, daaaaa, da, da, daaaaa." I think Debbie actually closed her eyes--she couldn't watch. It was just plain ole bad.

David Archuleta chose Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" and Elvis' "Love Me Tender." Ugh. Can he please choose a song with an up tempo??? All of his song choices are exactly the same. I can't stand watching this kid. He sounds fine--good even--if you close your eyes. But watching him is painful. He's still squinting his eyes, and his posture is horrible. He has no stage presence whatsoever. I just can't imagine watching a whole concert of this guy. Ughhh..... But, as usual, the judges sang his praises, so what do I know?

Here's how I'd rate the performances:

8. Jason - Tambourine Man
7. Jason - I Shot the Sheriff
6. David C. - Hungry Like the Wolf (I just hate having him so low.)
5. David A. - Stand By Me
4. David A. - Love Me Tender
3. Syesha - Proud Mary
2. Syesha - Long Time Coming
1. David C. - Baba O'Riley (Teenage Wasteland)

Simon told Jason to pack his bags. He should definitely be going this evening. Debbie and I called in votes for David C. and Syesha, just in case.

Check out the Post's We Watch So You Don't Have To for more details on last night's show.