Blown away

This week on World of Dance, they selected the top two performers from the teen group.  These two young ladies have stood out from the very start, and wow, did they bring it this week.

In case you're wondering, their final scores were separated by 1/2 a point. Diana (11 years old!) in the first video got 92, Eva (age 13) got 92.5. Next time they compete head to head. How do you choose a winner from these two?! Amazing.


Kerri said...

oh my g. amazing stuff. i haven't ever watched that show. also: both song selections were so great!

Valerie said...

I like the show a lot...next week will be the finale. I've got a blog rolling around in mind about why I like this show better than So You Think You Can Dance. I'll probably do that after the finale to see if it holds true all the way through.

Meanwhile, FYI, the song form the first video is Rise Up by Andra Day. The second video is Radiohead's Creep done by Ember Island.

kerriari said...

creep is one of my all time favorite songs!