Fall 2016 TV - Meh

Last year, I was rather unenthusiastic about the new Fall TV schedule. This year is a little better, but it's not all that great.  The shows I'm most looking forward to are:  This Is Us, Insecure, and Divorce. 
Atlanta has already started and I'm liking that one.  I read a quote from Donald Glover, the star and writer, that said "Anytime we would get to a point where it's like, 'That feels like a sitcom,' we would try not to do it."  This is why I like the show so much.  There's nothing formulaic about it at all, and the humor is often subtle and just cracks me up.

Here's my plan for the fall:

I decided to drop Madame Secretary and Elementary on Sunday nights.  They got a little dull last season, and I decided not to go 'there' again.  As a result, CBS is getting no love from me this year.

Last year, I added four new shows.  Grandfathered and The Grinder were canceled (Grandfathered deservedly so, The Grinder should have had a second season) and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin are still on.  I enjoyed the first few episodes of Jane the Virgin, via streaming, but I decided not to dedicate a lot of time to it.  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was good at first, but I became exhausted by the main character's stupid decisions, so I let it go. 

This year, I'm adding 12 new shows (11 are shown in bold italics in the chart...the 12th, Impastor, is in its second season, but I'm adding it based on my friend Kerri's recommendation).  I'm watching the first season on Hulu as we "speak" - it is pretty funny.  I'll give them all a fair shot and then decide.

The Washington Post gave Notorious a grade of F.  It's the only new show that received an F.  I'm curious to see what an F-rated show looks like, but since I tend to agree with Hank Steuver's reviews, I'm sure it won't last.  That's a shame because I do really like Piper Perabo.

So, off we go.  Here's to a new TV season.  At a later date I'll get into the streaming shows--looking forward to the new season of Transparent and there are some new shows that look promising.

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