Prince - RIP

Prince died today.

This one really hurts.  Just this past Tuesday, I listened to Prince all day long.  So many songs bring back so many memories.

When "Do Me Baby" came on, it reminded me of the time I was in junior high and singing the song while at home, minding my own business.  My mom came in and said, "You better not sing that at school, or someone just might 'do you,'" as if I went around singing through the halls at school.

When "Diamonds and Pearls" came on, it reminded me of one of my favorite days ever--the day my college roommates and I took a one-day bus trip to NYC.  I bought the Diamonds and Pearls CD at Tower Records and listened to it for three hours straight on the way back to school.

Anything from Purple Rain just makes me happy.  Any time I come across the movie, I stop to watch it.  I own it, but I watch it on TV anyway.  The acting is so bad, but it's so good.  My uncle's girlfriend at the time, had three sons who were in the audience during the Let's Go Crazy scene.  We always tried to pick them out, but were never really sure.

There was a headbanger that lived down the street from me in junior high and high school--he was all about the hair bands and had big and long hair himself, and often wore black eyeliner to school.  We were hanging at his house one time and he pulled out the Purple Rain album.  It was so cool to discover we had that in common.  I'll never forget when he put on "Let's Go Crazy" and when Prince sang, "Called my old lady, for a friendly word, she picked up the phone, dropped it on the floor-- 'Ah, ah,' is all I heard," Eric raised his arms above his head and did two pelvic thrusts in time to the "ah, ah," just like Prince did in the movie.  I cracked up--it was such a surprise!

As I listened all day, I alternated between whether "Purple Rain" or "Adore" is my favorite.  But then I realize I have to say favorite slow, or favorite fast song.  Other favorites are "Pop Life," "Gett Off," "Erotic City," "7."

I sometimes cry through the song "Purple Rain"--if it catches me in a certain mood.  Today was definitely one of those days.  I put the movie on this evening just to watch that performance and the finale with "I Would Die 4 U" and "Baby I'm a Star," which definitely helped lift my spirits.

What about all the times we heard "1999" the year before the year 2000 rolled in?

The best concert I ever saw was Prince when he was touring for Musiscology.  We paid $60/ticket for nosebleed seats--those were the only seats left ten minutes after tickets went on sale.  The CD came with the tickets too.  My coworker sold his $60 tickets and bought $150 tickets on the floor from a scalper.  After seeing the amazing show, I vowed to pay whatever it cost to get floor tickets the next time I saw Prince in concert.  Unfortunately, I never had that opportunity.

And there's this...my favorite performance of his.

I will really miss those sexy eyes and that sly smile he had that always suggested something mischievous.

The world lost such a talent today.  I'm devastated.


Margaret said...

Beauatiful tribute from a loyal fan!

Kerri said...

oh, nice post, Val. and i feel your pain. i'm still devastated over it- such a shock. i NEVER got to see him. always figured i would if he ever rolled thru dallas again... i had no idea the time was limited.

the thing you said about your head banger friend and you having prince in common... that's the thing isn't it? regardless of what genre of music you loved, prince fit into it. prince was just a universal language.

i am so glad he left us will all this great music, and i am so sad his life ended so early.

Daddy Scratches said...

I concur.
Thanks for sharing.