Goodbye American Idol

The President opens the show saying that people have learned how to vote on American Idol and they should spend as much time and effort doing so for the government officials.  "Go to vote.gov and register to vote today."  I like that he also said that American Idol taught us what "pitchy" means.

The show opens with everyone wearing white, and it's contestants from this season as well as from previous seasons including Kat McPhee, Reuben, Daughtry, Kelly Pickler and plenty of others whose names I can't think of right now.  Oh, there's Constantine.  They're singing "One Voice."  It sounds like a Broadway production.

It's going to be difficult to blog this show because I have some work to do, but I'll do what I can.

Oh!  Ryan was about to announce the show and they introduce Brian Dunkleman, who hosted the original season with Ryan.  He cracked some bad jokes, but then in all seriousness congratulated Ryan for all of his success with the show.

La'Porsha and Trent sing the "very first Idol finale duet" that Kelly and Justin sang:  "It Takes Two" by Marivn Gaye.  They sound great together.  I stick by my wish that they tour together and become best friends.

Got some memories from Steven Tyler..."and that's the way it was..." before the commercial break.

Ok, gotta work.  I'll check back with highlights as I see them.

Medley of former contestants:
  • Justin Guarini looks great--loved him singing No Air with Jordan Sparks
  • If they didn't tell me that was Tamyra Gray, I wouldn't have figured it out on my own.  She still sounds great though.
  • Pants on the Ground!  HA!
  • Bo Bice?!  He looks SO good!!  Where did his hair go?
  • I liked the Rockers segment a lot!  That's not my go-to genre, but those guys were great.  I still love Caleb.   I guess the earlier medley was the pop divas?
  • Loved Keith & Carrie's duet.  Carrie looks amazing.  I wasn't always a big fan of hers, but I gotta giver her credit where credit is due.
  • What is happening to me?  I'm even loving the country section!
  • I guess after Harry sang with the little girl, we moved into the Crooner's section.  I will never tire of seeing and hearing Reuben Studdard sing.
  • After so much great singing, here's J-Lo lip-syncing.  She looks good though, as always.  (I confess to taking a little dance break for "Let's Get Loud.")
  • We're in the R&B section now.  Danny Gokey looks good!  Elliott Yamin!  Love him!
Note:  I've gotten no work done.  Tomorrow's going to be a bear.

Okay, back to the show!
  •  Joshua Ledet - this is a man's world!  Oh yes!  He was so awesome!!!!!!
  • Another dance break for the gospel/Christmas section ("Joy to the World") -- Melinda Doolittle!  
Wow--what a great show tonight!  Best finale they've had, as I guess it should be.

The "white boys with guitars" are doing a tribute to David Bowie.  (David Cook, Lee Dewyze, Phillip Phillips, Nick Fradiani (that's a season I didn't watch), and Kris Allen.)

OF COURSE Simon had to be there.  He looks great!  I like the salt & pepper scruff.  Why is his shirt unbuttoned down to his belly button though?!

OMG.  "For the last time, dim the lights....here we go!"

I can't believe it's happening.

The winner is TRENT!  HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!  I really thought La'Porsha had that, but I'm so happy for Trent.  I really am!  WOWWWWWWWWWW.

I'm glad we get to hear his sexy "Falling" song again.  He had the best song.  Aww...he's all choked up.  Awww...all the contestants are singing with him.  And so is Keith Urban. 

What a great finale!  They have the most confetti they've ever had!  That was fantastic!!

It was sweet to see Ryan choke up.  Seacrest out!

Did everyone catch Sanjaya thorughout?  Each time with different hair?  Great bit!


ally K said...

Watching american idol tonight and thinking about both of you. Sanjaya just popped up on the tely! Had so much fun as always last weekend and loved meeting you Valerie! Hope we get to see you again!

ally K said...

Watching american idol tonight and thinking about both of you. Sanjaya just popped up on the tely! Had so much fun as always last weekend and loved meeting you Valerie! Hope we get to see you again!

Kerri said...

Waaaaa. Now I'm sad it's over. That was awesome! The other great finale show was the one adam lambert was on- with queen! This one was so entertaining- just getting g to see all the people from previous seasons- I loved when they had the montage of original panal. That was the magic of why the show took off from the beginning. Anyway... "For now" it's over.

Valerie said...

Ally! Thanks for finding your way over here. It was so great to meet you and I do hope to see you again too. If you're ever in DC, let me know!

A friend posted an article suggesting the show it will come back in some shape or form. Both Ryan and the creator guy, Simon Fuller, were being very coy about it. I guess we'll see. But now that it's over, I kind of don't want it to come back. I feel like the finale was good closure for me!