Close to the end...

It's the 2nd to last night of American Idol.  I haven't blogged about the show in a LONG time, but I'm gonna get it done for this week's finale.

The show starts off with a group performance, the group being Dalton, La'Porsha, and Trent.  I thought we'd gotten away from group performances, but at least these three sound good together. 

There are three rounds happening tonight before we find out who the final two are.  First, the three will sing their first single should they win, then they'll sing a choice by Simon Fuller (the show's producer), and then they'll sing the song of their choice. 

Trent's up first with his potential winning single called "Falling."  It's a soulful slow R&B song.  I love it.  This is something I'd buy.  That always plays into how I view contestants...would I buy their music.  For Trent, absolutely yes.  I like that the song isn't all treacly about being among the stars, etc. like the Idol songs used to be. 

By the way, I revived the pool for this final season, and as of last week, I'm in the lead.  In my list of how I'd like this to go, I've Dalton at #3, Trent at #2, and La'Porsha at #1.  For what it's worth, I also had MacKenzie going at #4, so my list was pretty good.  For my list of how I thought America would vote, I had MacKenzie to win it, so no points for me there.

Dalton's singing his song, and right off the bat, I don't like it.  He also doesn't sound great.  Last week I realized that he sometimes struggles to hit low notes, but I think people overlook it because of his story and because he does sing passionately.  I don't like this song though.  "Strike a Match."  His lyrics fit the usual Idol fare, "

La'Porsha sings "Battles."  She looks FABULOUS with her big black 'fro.  I always love her eye makeup.  She has beautiful eyes.  And I love the shots of her baby girl in the audience wearing her little flower, and her headphones.  She's such a darling with those cheeks!  I don't love LP's song, but she sounds fantastic singing it.

After the commercial break, Ryan's back to announce the Top Two.  It HAS to be Trent and La'Porsha.  I think Dalton thinks so too, because he said he's just happy that America cared to listen for so long...seems like he knows this is the end.

The first person to go through is.....

La'Porsha!  (OF COURSE)

And competing against her is...

TRENT!!!  Whoo!!!!

Now, honestly, I'll be happy whoever wins.  I wish Dalton well though.

Both Trent and LP are from Mississippi.  Trent's up first with a song chosen by Simon Fuller:  "If You Don't Know Me By Now."  Great choice.  Perfect song choice for Trent.  Whoo!  I love his tone when he sings low and then he breaks out the falsetto.  Fantastic!

That Simon knows how to pick songs. For LP he picked "A House Is Not a Home."  Again, perfect.  I got chills when she was singing this one.  Keith Urban said, "I don't even smoke and I feel like I need a cigarette right now."  A friend of mine said that she wants to have LP's babies.  Quite sultry!  And again, she just looks so beautiful tonight!

For Trent's pick, he's doing Sia's "Chandelier" again.  I love this song, and I love Trent's version.   He was fantastic!  There's just nothing else to say. 

La'Porsha chose "Diamonds" and gave another great performance.  The crowd can't calm down and LP has tears flowing down her face.  So beautiful. 

I want the two of them to tie.  I also want them to duet.  I want them to be lifelong friends.  Go on tours together.  They are both so great--I think this might be the best finale performance show ever.  Way to go out, American Idol!  Looking forward to tomorrow's finale and whatever surprises they have in store.  As they say, it's the end of an era!

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