Music Monday - Here by Alessia Cara

My friend Kerri has been doing Music Mondays for quite a while now.  I figured I'd jump on her bandwagon--at least for this week--to mention this song, Here by Alessia Cara.  (Thanks for the idea, Kerri!)

My sister sent me a link to the video the other day and said she could imagine me writing the lyrics.  She's completely right.  You see, I'm an introvert.  A strong introvert.  And I pretty much hate parties and gatherings with a bunch of people that I don't know.  And this song gets right to how I feel when I'm at one.  It really reminded me of going to high school parties with my boyfriend at the time.  He was an extreme extrovert and knew EVERYONE.  I'd go for various reasons--mainly so I wouldn't always be a spoil sport, or sometimes because I knew a few other people who would be there, but for the most part, this song describes how I felt.  Most people don't understand these feelings at all, so it's nice to hear them described so perfectly in a song. 

I was invited to a birthday celebration the other night for one of my very good friends, but because it was going to be a larger group than I usually prefer, I told my sister that I had a feeling I'd be singing this song in my head.  Coincidentally, when I got in the car that night to drive to the bar, this song was on the radio!  (Despite my initial misgivings, I ended up having a great time, but still, it felt good to come home.)

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