Eh, it's Fall TV Season

Usually, this is one of my most favorite times of year.  I love TV and I love finding new shows to watch and trying to decide my schedule.  I know I watch too much of TV, and I watch a lot of it that just isn't good.  But it's a guilty pleasure and I enjoy it.

This year though, I'm not so enthused.  For one thing, I started a new job in June that increased my one-way commute time by 40-45 minutes, and at the same time, has seriously cut into my TV-watching time because I have to get to bed earlier, and I'm missing out on at least 2 hours of time during which I used to watch TV in the evenings.  In addition, a lot of shows that I previously watched ended last season (Mad Men, Revenge, Nurse Jackie, Cougar Town, Parks &Recreation, Boardwalk Empire...), so that automatically (and thankfully) decreased my viewing schedule by quite a lot.  And finally, since I wasn't all too thrilled about any of the new shows starting this season, I've only added 4 new shows to my schedule, shown in bold italics:

Now, for someone who doesn't know me, or who might be new to my blog, I realize this still looks like a lot of TV to watch, but compare that to last year's Fall schedule. There's a lot more white space this year.  And honestly, these shows, old and new, better be good, because I will drop them if they're not.  I just don't have time for all of this any more.  (In the next year or so, I might put my house on the market and move closer to my job.  If that happens, maybe next year will be different and things can get back to normal!)

A few comments about the new shows:

Grandfathered with John Stamos looks cute, but I'm not expecting a lot.  Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.  I guess I actually am a bit excited to see Fred Savage on TV again in The Grinder.  The Washington Post gave it a pretty good review, so there's hope there.  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has a musical element to it, which reminds me of a show I used to love, Eli Stone, so I decided to give it a try.  And finally, I started watching Jane the Virgin on Hulu over the summer and really like it. so I'm adding it to the schedule.  That one is just new•ish.

Other comments:  I'm on the fence about Amazing Race.  I recorded all of last season, but never watched it.  When I realized I didn't miss it, I deleted them all.  I think sometimes I just need a break.  I'll watch the first few shows this season to see if there's anyone I want to root for.  I've given up on American Horror Story.  I enjoyed the 1st and 3rd seasons, but it's just too hit or miss for me, and I don't have the time to waste on it.  Major Crimes is another one I'm on the fence about.  I was ready to give it up last time, but the mini summer season was pretty good, so we'll try again.  The Wednesday night ABC line up got off to a great start with all the comedies, especially black•ish which is just so cleverly written and full of talent  Nashville, though.  Not so much.  I may end up dropping that one pretty soon.  I considered watching The Voice, but again, I haven't missed it, AND it's too much of a time hog.  If anyone IS watching and a guy named Dijon (like the mustard--those were his words) makes it, please let me know.  We saw him singing on the High Line in NYC over the summer, and chatted with him for a few minutes before he was on his way to audition for the show.  Oh, and the Mindy Project moved to HuluPlus.  My friend and I watched the first episode.  I wasn't impressed, so I'm done with that one.  (I wasn't too thrilled with it last season anyway.)

That's it!  I wish I could be more enthusiastic about all this, but I'm just not feeling it.  We'll see how it goes.