Marley (A World Premiere Musical)

On Saturday, my family and I headed to Center Stage in Baltimore to see Marley (A World Premiere Musical). It was so good. This was my 3rd time at the theater and they do such a nice job of setting the scene for the show. In this case, they transformed the lobby into a Jamaican village, complete with a sand floor. From the Center Stage website:
After surviving an assassination attempt in 1976, Marley left Jamaica for London, where he spent nearly two years in self-imposed exile. Chronicling the events surrounding this earth-shaking moment, Marley tells the story of a man transformed into one of the 20th Century’s most important cultural figures. Set in the soundscape of an era, this new musical weaves together the life and music of a man who, to heal himself, first healed his homeland.

Oh, it was so good! The play's director, Kwame Kwei-Armah, saw Mitchell Bruning's performance of "Redemption Song" on The Voice: Holland and knew he had to get Mitchell to play Bob Marley in his show. When you watch the audition, you can see why he'd think that:

My favorite moment in the show involved Bob and his wife, Rita singing a "mash up" of "No Woman No Cry" and "Waiting in Vain" after an argument.  It was beautiful.

The music is fantastic, the cast is great, and they really engaged the audience. The director wants this show to go to Broadway. I hope it does. And when it does, I'll definitely see it again.

(Note:  There's a scene in the show where Bob traveled to Ethiopia.  Just hearing about that got me in the mood for some Ethiopian food.  I suggested it to the family and they agreed.  Using Yelp, we found a place called Tabor, not far from the theater, and had a wonderful meal.  Yummmm.)

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