Give a girl a hint!

If I had known that Boris Kodjoe would eventually show up on Last Man on Earth, I would've kept watching.  I gave up after the 3rd episode or so because 1) it wasn't all that funny once the man was no longer alone and 2) even though I like her as a commentator on The Daily Show, Kristen Schaal is a lot to take--her voice is grating, and her character on the show was so annoying.  I couldn't take it.  But tonight, I'm watching New Girl on Fox, and see a commercial for Last Man on Earth, and I see this gorgeous face....

Yeah, I would've kept watching for that if someone told me what was up.

In other news, I saw this headline today: 

Revenge Cancelled by ABC

One word:  FINALLY.


Ms. Movie said...

I never got into Revenge and...I'm not that into Boris. Don't come after me!

Valerie said...

That's okay Rebecca. More Boris for me! :o)

Anonymous said...

Last Man on Earth got hilarious for me as it went along -- for the first 3 episodes or maybe more I was just like "this is so weird" but then the ridiculousness set in and I started to think it was so funny. I loved the season finale!

Abby :)