My Oscar Predictions (and WINNERS)

Update (12:11am):  I voted the wrong way when it came down to Birdman vs. Boyhood.  Otherwise, I did pretty well, methinks.  A few quick thoughts:

1.  The show ran WAY too long.  It's after midnight here on the east coast.  Why didn't they start at 8pm instead of 8:30?

2.  NPH should stick to the Tonys.  That's his wheelhouse.  I'd like to see Ellen or Ricky Gervais host again.

3.  That being said, NPH's best joke was about Benedict Cumberbatch being what you hear when John Travolta introduces Ben Affleck.

4.  Apparently I'm in the minority over the Lady Gaga performance.  People on Twitter seemed to have loved it.  She sounded great, but I just didn't get why it happened in the first place.  Also, her gyrations made me uncomfortable, just as they did when she did the duet with Tony Bennett a couple weeks ago.

5.  Yay Common and John Legend - I was moved by how many in the audience were moved to tears by their performance of "Glory."

Alright...time for bed.   Let's do it again next year.
The Oscars are tonight!  I'm looking forward to this year's show, especially with Neil Patrick Harris hosting.  Here are my quick Oscar predictions of who I think should win, and who I think will win.  Let's see how it goes.  For what it's worth, I also italicized the movies that I just didn't have a chance to see.  I wanted to see Still Alice this weekend, but our 3-5 inches of predicted snow turned into 9-10 inches and I'm in the house for the weekend.

Ok, here we go: