So much to say...

I didn't come here with the intention of posting this song, but as soon as I wrote that title, I had to hear it.

Anyway, I've been mulling over things to write about for weeks now, but when it comes time to actually sit down and type something out, I get distracted by other things I want to do and I never make it.  Tonight I'm watching The Voice and wanted to comment on that, so I figured I'd do a quick round up of what I've been thinking about.  Here goes:

 The Voice
I'm loving this season of The Voice.  The addition of Gwen and Pharrell has been great, and this group of judges is by far my favorite.  I love Shakira too, so if they had 5 coaches, it'd be perfect.  Tonight we found out who are the Final Five.  There's not a single one of them that I don't like, even the country guy, Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake.  I just love his voice. 

Does anyone else think that Chris Jamison resembles Channing Tatum?  I think it's the smile.  Here he is doing "Uptown Funk" which is something else on my mind...it's my favorite song right now.  I can't stop listening to it.

And Matt McAndrew?  Oh my goodness.  Love him.

Which reminds me...Hozier.  Great album! (CD, whatever.)


  • Beyond the Lights - saw this on Thanksgiving with the family and we all really enjoyed it.  As my sister pointed out, it should be required viewing for  BeyoncĂ©, Rhianna, and Nikki Minaj.  Definitely a lesson for them to learn in there.
  • Birdman - EXCELLENT performances from Michael Keaton and Ed Norton.  Strange movie, though.
  • The Judge - more EXCELLENT performances from Robert Duvall & Robert Downey, Jr.  Really enjoyed this one.
  • Dear White People - very thought-provoking.  Not as funny as I expected, but still good and something for everyone to see. 

  • HOMELAND!  Oh my god.  How do they do it?!  This season is as good and as gripping as the first season.
  • Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued - this is currently airing on Showtime and is a great documentary that features various musicians who come together to record an album based on previously unreleased Bob Dylan lyrics.  Elvis Costello's in it, as well as Mumford (without the sons).  There's also a lady named Rhiannon who we've seen perform before with a group called "California Chocolate Drops."  It was really good and interesting to watch their creative processes.  Each of the musicians worked on music for the various lyrics and then they shared and practiced the various versions to determine which one would go on the album.  Really good stuff.

I recently finished a trilogy of books called The Neapolitan Series by Italian author Elena Ferrante.  I'm still mulling those over in my head and will try to come up with reviews pretty soon.  I can definitely say that they've stayed on my mind.  I just haven't been able to flesh out how I felt about them.  Maybe I'll try to do that this weekend.

Welp.  So much for "quick."  I'll stop here before I write a novel.  And before I go, I leave you with this:

Get up and dance, people!  How could you not?


Ms. Movie said...

I am reading "Men We Reaped" by Jesmyn Ward right now for my book club and it coincides with everything going on in our world recently. I think you would enjoy it. Sad without making me cry...so far.

Kerri said...

I too am loving this season of Homeland...in fact I just watched last nights episode. I think this season is much better than last, although,I miss Brody. Quinn is about to get real interesting it looks like....

I wanna see beyond the lights so I know what u mean about B, Rhianna,... I have no idea what that movie is about.

I also love Gwen and pharrell... In fact pharrell is my all time fav judge. Ceelo can't come back I figure...Matt and chris are my top picks. Originally, Luke Wade was, but then he lost a little of his steam, and I could tell he wasn't gonna make it to the bitter end.