Ok, I'm shaking it

My friend Kerri posted Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" video for her Music Monday post.  It reminded me that I saw the video the other day and caught two dancers from So You Think You Can Dance backing up Taylor.  One is Fik-shun, the winner from two (maybe 3?) seasons ago, and the other is the guy with the squiggly arms, Phillip Chbeeb. I love watching videos and catching former contestants doing their thing. I'm always so happy for them that they've found work doing what they love to do.

As I mentioned over on Kerri's blog, I've never been a big fan of Taylor Swift's, but I have to admit that I really do like this song and the video. I'm *this* close to downloading the song. (This has happened to me before--I was proud not to have a Katy Perry song on my iPod but then she went and came out with Roar and Dark Horse. Darn her. Who knows. Maybe Taylor will join her.)

Anyway, Kerri, thanks for the reminder that I wanted to write this post!



Fik-shun doing his thing. (Man, I love that smile!)

And here's Squiggly Arms (aka Phillip Chbeeb, aka Pacman):


Kerri said...

And I agree- Katie's last CD was so full of good songs, it was impossible to resist. I had to buy the whole thing. My favorite singer/songwriter (jonatha brooke) was a co-writing of one song on there.
And yes, Taylor may sway you over. She seems to be done with country and has very confidently moved on over to pop... :)

Kerri said...

ok, after watching some of those clips, i think i'm gonna have to watch the next season of so you think you can dance. so cool!!!