My author crush

I can't believe I forgot to mention that my sister and I had the chance to see Rainbow Rowell recently, in Arlington, VA. I already loved her, but now love her even more. She's so charming, quirky, and funny. She's one of those people that make me feel like I'd want to know them in real life. If you get a chance to see her in your town, please do. You won't be disappointed. 

At the talk, someone asked about a sequel to Eleanor & Park. Rainbow said she'd originally intended to write a sequel and had written an outline for it when she wrote the first book. It would follow E&P in their thirties. Her editor suggested waiting to see if people liked E&P.  Well they did, but now, because people liked those characters SO much, she feels enormous pressure to write them again and is afraid she wouldn't meet expectations. 

She compared it to her experience with the Star Wars prequels.  She had such anticipation for them, but then when she saw The Phantom Menace, she was disappointed. So, about an E&P sequel, she said, "I don't want to Jar Jar Binks 'Eleanor & Park.'"  

When I got home that night, I tweeted about that, and guess what?  She favorited my tweet. So cool!


Allyssa said...

I'm not on twitter, but that's awesome!

Ms. Movie said...

That is kinda awesome. :)