Quick reviews

Here are just a few quick thoughts on things I've seen recently:

  •  This Is Where I Leave You - After reading the book, I was looking forward to seeing this movie.  I thought it was cast well and I enjoyed it a lot.  I was perplexed when my dad told me that the Washington Post only gave it 1.5 stars out of 4.  The only thing I can think of is that by having read the book first, I knew the back story and knew the motivations of the characters that perhaps someone unfamiliar with the story might not pick up on.  Anyway, I'd give it 3 stars.
  • Skeleton Twins - This was a good one too.  Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader are perfect together.  Bill Hader's performance was particularly good. 
  • Red Band Society - After two episodes, I don't think I'm going to continue with this one.  I think the kids are all great actors, but I just don't "buy" the whole premise and can't get with the boy in the coma narrating the story. It's bad enough that he knows all that's going on inside the hospital, but how does he also know everything happening outside the hospital?  It'd be better without his narration, OR to have voice-overs from multiple characters the same way Glee does.  I'm dropping this one from the lineup.
  • Gotham - in which I was pleasantly surprised.  I wasn't expecting to like this, but I really did.  I'll keep it.
  • Mysteries of Laura - I've seen two episodes of this too.  I like Debra Messing in this, but there's not really anything special about the show.  I've watch another episode or two and then decide whether to keep it.
  • black-ish - It was enjoyable, but not bust your gut funny.  Instead of laughing, I often found myself thinking, "that's a good point", or "that's so true. " I wish everyone of all races would watch it, but fear they'll be put off by that damn title.
  • Madam Secretary - I've only seen the first show and enjoyed it well enough.  Critics kept talking about this being about Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, but this show has the added element of Tea Leoni's character having worked for the CIA in the past.  That's adds a different dimension when she's dealing with foreign relations.  I really like Tea Leoni, as well as Tim Daly who plays her husband, and will keep watching. 
  • How To Get Away with Murder - one word:  Intriguing.  I definitely want to see how this one plays out.
  • The Voice - I've only seen about 30 minutes of the first show, but already love the addition of Gwen Stefani and Pharrell.   
Until next time...


Ms. Movie said...

Hey there! I want to see This is Where I Leave You as well, but not Skeleton Twins. I never started Red Band Society, Gotham is amazing (Jada Pinkett Smith rocks), Laura is getting better. Give it another chance! Watch this week's episode of black-ish if you haven't. I agree with you on the first episode, but this one was so funny. I'm excited for How to Get Away with Murder too. Love Viola Davis in this.

Valerie said...

Looks like we're seeing eye to eye! I'll write about black-ish soon. Last night's show was really funny!

Why no interest in Skeleton Twins, if I may ask?

Kerri said...

did you know taylor swift will be a guest mentor on the voice next week?! yay. love her. really like this season.

i want to watch "black-ish". i too thought the title sucked, but have heard good things about it, and now from you, i'm IN. just noticed i can catch previous episodes on demand. yay! so while fermin is traveling this week, i think i'll dive in! :)