It's time for Fall TV!

Yep!  It's September, and it's time for the new Fall TV shows.  As usual, I've gone through my Entertainment Weekly to pick out what I'm going to watch, and ta-da!  Below, is my proposed TV watching schedule, subject to change depending how good or bad these shows are (premiere dates are in parentheses):

So, here are a few notes on the 2014 Fall TV Season:

New Show(s) I'm Most Looking Forward To:  Top of the list is Marry Me, followed closely by A to Z.  The same folks involved with Happy Endings are responsible for Marry Me, so I just have a feeling it will be great.  A to Z has two actors that I really like... the Mom from How I Met Your Mother (aka Cristin Milioti) and Fred the Guardian Angel from Drop Dead Diva (aka Ben Feldman).  I also loved him on Mad Men.  

Returning Show I'm Most Looking Forward To:  Parenthood.  So sad this is the final season.

New Shows I'm Skeptical About:  Just about everything else, but especially: 
  • Gotham - not my usual fare, but I told my coworker I'd give it a try
  • Mysteries of Laura - only watching for Debra Messing, but it doesn't look great.  I haven't seen the premiere yet.
  • Red Band Society - I've read mixed reviews on this, from those that name it the best new show of the season to those that pan it as manipulative and treacly.  After watching the season premiere, I'm leaning toward the latter, however, I'll watch another episode or two before I make a final decision.
  • Madame Secretary - eh.  We'll see.
  • State of Affairs - I'll watch for Alfre Woodard.
  • black-ish - I love Anthony Anderson, however, I HATE the title of this show.
Returning Shows I'm Most Skeptical About:
  • American Horror Story: Freak Show - I'm worried this one will freak me out too much this season, but I look forward to great performances from everyone.
  • Major Crimes - I don't know why I still watch this show, but alas, here it is.  Same for Revenge.
  • New Girl - it's just not as funny nor charming as it once was.  Now it often just makes me groan.  I'll give it another episode or two. My sister dropped it last season and hasn't looked back.
  • Amazing Race - I'll watch the first episode and see if there are any teams I'd want to route for.  Lately, the annoying folks outnumber the folks I like. 
Returning Shows That I've Already DroppedPerson of Interest.  This season took a real turn for the worse (worst? This always trips me up.) last season with a plot line I hated.  When I read that this season would continue to follow that plot line in earnest, I decided to drop it.

So, what will you be watching?  If you watch something that's not on my list that you'd recommend, please let me know!


Ms. Movie said...

Hey Valerie,

Impressive line-up! I heard you were no longer watching "Once..." on Sundays (shame on you). I also am excited about "Gotham", "Marry Me", "black-ish" and "...Murder." I have lost track of "Nashville" and "Elementary" but have liked them in the past (I cried when Juliette's mom died). And I'm interested to see what you think of "Mysteries..."

Valerie said...

Thanks! I enjoyed "Mysteries of Laura." I'd call it a "cute" show. I probably won't watch Gotham until tomorrow, but am hearing from folks on FB that it's good.

As for Once... what can I say? I watched 1 1/2 seasons and nothing happened. It was just too slow. I loved the concept though, and Gotham seems a little similar.

Nashville isn't as good as it was the first season...it's WAY more soap opera-y than when it started, but I enjoy it.

Kerri said...

so i was so crushed that brody is gone that i was afraid i'd lose interest in "homeland"- but it's off to a pretty good start. carrie's lack of feeling for her baby is almost comical tho. so over the top. but she is. over the top. but i DO miss brody. glad there's still a red head around tho. ;)