Feeling good

It's been a long time since my last post, and I promised my friend Kerri that I'd get back to blogging eventually.  Well, here I am.

These days, with crappy radio stations, my iPod, and a local sports station that I like, I often don't know what the kids are listening to these days.  My sister always insists that if I watched VH1's Top 20 Countdown on Saturday or Sunday morning, I'd at least be aware of what's going on.

Well, I was up early today and some terrible cartoon was playing on NBC instead of the local news that I usually watch, so I turned on VH1.  What a joy to come across this video with Michael and JT.  LOVE!

I'm definitely adding that song to my playlist of songs that just make me happy and get me up on my feet. I can (and do) listen to them over and over and over again. These are a few of the songs in heavy rotation on my iPod:

Beyoncé - Love on Top:

Mary J Blige - Just Fine:

Bruno Mars - Treasure:

And an oldie, but goodie, Maze ft. Frankie Beverly - Before I Let Go:

It's not lost on me that these all have a similar groove.  Michael and JT's song will fit right in!

About that Mary J. Blige video--I LOVE David Gregory dancing along. Even better is when my sister does a perfect imitation of his moves.

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Kerri said...

When I had first heard "treasure" it's when me and my dog Lucy were first getting into frisbee... I thought that song would be a good song to use during a routine one day. "Pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl you should be smiling..." As it turns out, I think we both are too anxious for competition. But we love the song anyway!!!