Misheard lyrics -- say what?!

When I'm with my sister and she happens to be singing a song, 7 times out of 10, I'll have to correct her on some of the lyrics.  This is a running joke between us--she gets lyrics wrong all the time, and couldn't care less.

Tonight on the radio they were talking about misheard lyrcis.  The host raised the question (I'm paraphrasing): What song did you butcher for years before you realized what the real lyrics were?

The first guy that called in said that he always had to correct his friend when he was singing Tupac's California Love.  The caller said: "Yeah, you know how in California Love he says, 'California...knows how to party?'  Well, my friend always sings, 'California....no doubt about it.'  And I'm like, what are doing, man?  It's "knows how to party"! 

So, I was sitting there in the car thinking, IT IS?!!  Because, well, I've been singing "no doubt about it" FOR YEARSSSSSSSS.  I checked the lyrics online and sure enough, "knows how to party."  Then I played the song, and I could hear it clear as day.  How did I miss that all this time?!  Oops.

My sister's going to get a kick out of this.


Debbie said...

Haha! I thought it was "knows how to party", too! At least I wasn't completely off since others think the same.

Allyssa said...

I'm like Debbie. I'm constantly screwing up lyrics and Arty always makes fun of me...especially because I sing them with gusto. LOL!