Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton (LOVE!)

Humans of New YorkHumans of New York by Brandon Stanton

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I'm a big fan of the HONY blog and Facebook page. Reading through the book reminded me of my first visit to NYC when I was 10. We just came out of the Holland Tunnel and my younger sister said, "why does that man have a shoe on his head?" A few blocks later, "why is that man doing karate with a telephone pole?" Nobody was paying any attention to this and I fell in love with NYC immediately. HONY captures that wonder I felt so long ago. It's full of beautiful photos of beautiful people from all walks of life. It can make me smile, and it can bring a tear..sometimes on the same photo. It's not about whether Brandon Stanton is a good photographer...it's about the connection to people.

Here's Brandon in his own words (video).

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