So much TV, so little time

I'm way behind on my TV watching and haven't posted anything about the new season, but here are some thoughts on what I've seen so far:

  • Mom - thumbs down
  • The Blacklist - thumbs up
  • Hostages - eh
  • HIMYM - eh (the jokes still aren't that funny to me, but I'm determined to see how Ted meets The Mom)
  • Parenthood - the first show of the season was weirdly shot.  The camera was shaky and it was like it was shot in extra-high definition, yet, it still made me cry at the end.  Every episode manages to bring tears, happy or sad.  How do they do that, even with shoddy direction and camera work?  Great show.
  • Homeland - Claire Danes is still amazing in that role.  Can't wait for Brody to come back. 
  • Ray Donovan - this show isn't technically on right now--it was summer fare, but I never wrote about it.  I really liked this show.  Jon Voight is great, and I've never said this before, but Liev Schreiber is quite sexy, especially in a nice Armani suit.  But, as I told my dad recently, they could take the daughter from this show, and the daughter from Homeland and put them in a room together and leave them there forever, and I'd be okay with that.
  • Trophy Wife - this show made me laugh--I think it has potential.
  • The Good Wife, Elementary, Grey's Anatomy - all off to a good start.  (Well, Grey's is just okay, but I'll keep watching, at least until Sandra Oh leaves.)  
  • Boardwalk Empire - I have mixed feelings about this show.  When I watch it, I'm all in and think the writing and directing are great.  But, the pace is v--e--r--y slow, so I find that I really need to be in the mood to watch it.  The mood doesn't come that often, so I end up 2-3 shows behind.  I don't think that's a good sign.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - this show makes me laugh too.  Andre Braugher as the straight man (but gay character) is just funny to me.  
  • Sean Saves the World - I knew this would be bad just from the commercials, and I was right.
  • Michael J. Fox Show - I think it has potential.  The first episode seemed awkward, but I got into it during the second show.
  • The Voice - I've only seen the first performer on the first episode.  I'm not quite in the mood for this show either....I'm thinking I might skip this season and watch again when Shakira and Usher come back.  Kerri...I'll leave it to you to convince me otherwise. :o)
  • Hello Ladies - I love Stephen Merchant, but I thought this would be funnier than it is.  I've only seen the first show...maybe the 2nd episode is better. 
  • Amazing Race - right off the bat, I loved the football players, and hated the ex-couple (the girl with the pink hair.)  Not sure the NFL players are enough to keep me watching.  I've only seen the first episode, but based on that, I felt like the annoying people outweighed the people I like.  When that happened last season, I stopped watching.  Although, last season, I don't think there was anyone I liked.  Maybe the NFL players will make the difference.  We'll see.
Shows I have recorded but haven't watched yet:
  • Masters of Sex
  • Revenge
  • Person of Interest
  • The Goldbergs
  • Lucky 7
  • The Crazy Ones
And as if that's not enough, I'm still looking forward to American Horror Story: Coven, which starts Wednesday.

When, exactly, am I going to watch all of this?!

I haven't even mentioned that I recently took two weekends to watch Orange is the New Black and House of Cards on Netflix.  Both are great.

One final thought...I just watched the first two episodes of Glee where they sang The Beatles.  So much about the show is just ridiculous.  Sue is principal now??  Please.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to give it up after I see this week's episode where they say goodbye to Finn (Cory Manteith).  I was already emotional when they showed the preview scenes from the memorial episode because I had just seen the performances of "Hey Jude" (one of my all-time favorite songs), and "Let It Be," which always gets to me ever since I saw "Across the Universe."*  Anyway, I can't imagine how those actors managed to do that episode, especially Lea Michele, who dated Cory Manteith in real life.  I just know I'll need a box of tissue because not only will I be thinking about the characters on the show, but also the actors in real life.  I really feel for them.

*If you haven't seen Across the Universe, I recommend it.  It's a little strange and reminds me of Hair, but it's well done.  Be sure to get the DVD so you can watch the extras and watch the audition of Carol Woods, who sings "Let It Be."  You can see some of it here, but you should still get the DVD.

Now I need to go wipe my eyes again.  Whew.

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