I just can't do it

I watched tonight's final performance show of SYTYCD and honestly, I love all four of the final contestants so much that I just can't vote for anyone.  I will be thrilled for whomever wins.  All the best to Jasmine, Amy, Fik-shun and Aaron.  They all performed SO well tonight.  It's too hard to choose.  I look forward to next week's finale.

In other news, I binge watched Ray Donovan yesterday...great show.  Jon Voight steals every scene.

I saw The Butler on Saturday.  I thought it was really good, but I didn't come out of there LOVING it.  My biggest issue, I think, was with some of the casting.  Forrest Whitaker, was great, as always.  Oprah did a good job.  But after that, I was distracted by movie stars playing Presidents.  I wish they had used lesser-known actors who could really carry off the roles.  Instead, I found myself thinking, oh, that's Robin Williams.  Oh, look at John Cusack.  I'm having a hard time explaining myself, but the big stars were definitely a distraction for me.

And finally, American Idol may have just made the best move ever.  I hear Harry Connick, Jr. is going to be a judge.  That *might* be just enough to get me to watch again next season.  I LOVE Harry!   But, I love my man Common too, but he wasn't enough to keep me watching Hell on Wheels, so who knows?  I guess we'll see.

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Kerri said...

robin williams is just a weird distraction period. and not in a good way.