And the winners are...

Amy & Fik-Shun!!!!!!


They were one of my favorite couples from the start, and I'm thrilled for them.  (My other favorite couple was Aaron and Jasmine--the other finalists in the finale.)

This was a great season!  


Anonymous said...

I agree, it was a good season. And although I was hoping that Aaron would win (he tried so hard and wanted it so, so bad!!). Amy was a beast the entire season and except for the time she fell, didn't, as Nigel would say, "put a foot wrong." Overall, I was satisfied with the results, and felt like the people who won were both strong performers and fan (not just judges') favorites.

Valerie said...

I concur, Erika! I felt so bad for Amy when she fell, but she just picked right back up and finished strong. I was impressed!