Fruitvale Station

I saw Fruitvale Station today and had this exchange on FB with a friend of mine:

If you don't know, the movie is about a young man, Oscar Grant, who was shot and killed by police in the Bay Area in 2009.  He was unarmed.  The story is devastating.  The movie is very well made and the acting great.  I've been a fan of Michael B. Jordan since he was on the TV version of Friday Night Lights, and he really showed his talents in this movie. 

A couple of anecdotes: First, when I walked into the theater this afternoon, I thought I was in the wrong place.  My pre-conceived notions figured the audience would be mostly black, but when I walked in, I saw mostly white people, and mostly senior citizens at that.  I re-checked my ticket and the sign on the door and saw I was in the right place.  A little later, a black couple came in.  I was sitting on the aisle, and when they got near me, they asked, "You're here to see Fruitvale, right?"  I told them yes, and smiled to myself.  I know they were thinking the same thing! 

Next, as I mentioned in the comments above, I had to sit through the credits to compose myself.  I was truly an emotional mess after this movie.  As I was getting ready to leave, some elderly ladies (who happened to be white) were also leaving from my row.  One was holding a walker, and I offered to help carry it down the stairs.  She said no thanks and that the walker actually belonged to her friend, who would be okay holding the handrail to get down the stairs.  Then, she looked me in the eye and said, "Wasn't that story terrible?  I can't stop crying."  I told her I couldn't either, and then she said, "My gosh...your people have been through so much.  I'm so sorry.  It's just awful."  I just smiled and told her I appreciated the sentiment.  It was all I could do not to burst into tears all over again.  She was so sweet and sincere and like I said, I was already a wreck.

I've been thinking about this whole experience all day.  I'm grateful that the audience wasn't all black.  This movie should be seen by all.  I'm glad this audience seemed to have open minds and showed up.  I realize I'm making generalizations about people, which could get me into trouble, but sometimes these are the thoughts that go through my head.

Anyway, here's a little more about the movie...an interview with Michael B. Jordan:

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Kerri said...

valerie- i knew nothing about this movie, or what had happened back in 2009. how did i miss that? anyway, i really want to see it now that you wrote about it! what timing for this to come out, huh? weird.

so speaking of movies i just watched "flight" on DVD. oh my! VERY disturbing. denzel was just AWESOME in it, but like i said, SO DISTURBING. did you ever see it? somehow i missed it in the theatre. fermin had actually watched it while flying!!! and told me it was really good. and btw, while he was gone, and i knew he had downloaded that movie to watch, i saw a list of the top 10 movies not to watch while flying and it was on there. NO KIDDING!