52 Weeks of Dishcloths

I mentioned previously that I have taken up crocheting.  I really enjoy it.  The other day I was searching for patterns, and came across a blog, Being Spiffy, where the writer (Jill Swensen) decided to knit or crochet one dishcloth per week.  This intrigued me.  Dishcloths are quick and easy projects that are a great way to learn and practice different crochet & knit stitches.  Jill started her first project in March and is up to week 17, but I decided to start now, and start from the beginning.


Week One's pattern was created by Bubblegirl, and I used Sugar 'n Cream yarn in Butter Cream Ombre.  That was fun, and now I'm on to Week Two.  (I'm going to try to catch up to Being Spiffy's schedule, so will make more than one dishcloth per week, as time allows.  We'll see how it goes.)

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Kerri said...

oh, nice!! just seeing this one too!