The Voice - Go Sasha! Go Sasha!

Like many others, I was highly pissed last week when both Judith Hill & Sarah Simmons were kicked off The Voice.  In a conversation on my friend Kerri's FB page, I mentioned that I think voters figured those two were okay, and got complacent and didn't vote.  Heck, I didn't vote either.  Plus, there are SO many country artists this year and someone else pointed out that the country fans are voting in force.  No doubt.  I also mentioned that even though I'm not a country fan, I do like all of Blake's team--they're very talented.


After watching tonight's show, I'm completely over the country thing.  I voted in force for Sasha, who worked it out on both of her songs...she did Aretha's "Ain't No Way" and a rocked-out version of Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats."  (Smart move on Shakira's part to choose ANOTHER country song to show Sasha can hang with the rest of them.  But, Sasha truly made that song her own.  I watched the performance five times!)  I also voted for Michelle on Usher's team tonight.  I want her and Sasha to be there at the end.  If it's an all-country finale, I probably won't watch.  So, I tried to do my part so that doesn't happen.

We shall see.


Allyssa said...

I'm loving the old country music brought back. I love Sasha. I loved her singing "Ain't No Way". It was awesome. I think Amber Carrington is gone this week. I think any of Blake's 3 could leave this week and still get a record deal in country music. I'm over the Swon Brothers though because they just don't move around that much. Brooks and Dunn, one of my favorite country duos, were much more energetic. But yeah, I love Sasha.

Kerri said...

i haven't watched it yet, but i'm gonna watch it before seeing the results show tonight! we will have to discuss afterwards.

but nothing could piss me off more than last week. i'm with adam. i hate this country. ;)