The Voice Finale (Spoilers....do I really need to say that?)

Thoughts about tonight's show:

The bit about Blake's training methods being just as good as Usher's was funny.  Catching the notes with chopsticks truly made me laugh out loud.

Nelly!  He pefformed "Cruise" with Florida Georgia Line.  I've had a crush on him ever since he stopped wearing the bandana and grillz.  So cute.  (I could do without his 3/4"-square earrings, though.)

LOVED the group performance with Judith Hill, Sasha Allen, Karina Iglesias and Cáthia, singing En Vogue's "You're Never Gonna Get It."  All of them are so great.  Judith should be in the top 3, but alas....   (Am I the only one who noticed all the girls of color were in this group, and the girls not of color sang earlier with Danielle?)  (These are things I notice...I can't help it.)

Bruno Mars!  I love watching him and his (cute) band.  Go Trombone Man!

I like that Danielle got a brand new car and doesn't even have her license yet.  Lucky girl!

Really enjoyed Team Usher's group performance of "We Can Work It Out."  They sounded great and looked like they were having fun.

As the night goes on and we get closer to the announcement of the winner, I realized I really do want Michelle to win.  She's different, unique, quirky, humble.  She has a great voice.  The point of the show is "the voice" and not the looks, etc.  It'd be great for her to win. 

Usher's wearing a camoflauge suit with shorts.  (A suit.  Not fatigues.  Not pants.  Shorts.)  Interesting.

CHER!  She's 67 years old and looks fabulous!

And, Danielle takes it.  I guess I'm not surprised.

It was a good finale and a good season.  I look forward to the next go around with Shakira and Usher.  I'm sorry to say that I'm only mildly interested in the next round with Xtina and CeeLo.

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