The Voice final performance night

Some random thoughts on tonight's final performance show:

The Swon Bros have a new fan tonight.  I appreciated that they did "I Can't Tell You Why" and a reprise of "Danny's Song."  It wasn't all country, all the time and I do think they're really talented and have the best personalities of the final contestants.

It was just a tiny bit creepy to see Blake singing the duet with Danielle about falling in love.  She's 16! Update:  On Hoda & Kathie Lee today (Tuesday) they said the interwebs were buzzing about this too.  I didn't see that, but I'm glad to know I wasn't alone.

I enjoyed the performance by the judges of "With a Little Help from My Friends" at the beginning of the show, but didn't understand Shakira's sexy dance toward the end.  That doesn't quite go with the lyrics.  Was she trying to channel Xtina?

Mr. Smooth, aka, Usher, turned out to be a great coach.  I love seeing the pride in his eyes when Michelle performs. I love how he even admitted that when he was fighting Adam to have Michelle on his team, he realized "cool" wasn't going to work, and he had to humble himself and let her know he was the right coach for her.  It worked!

Nice group performance with all the contestants from this season.

I decided not to vote tonight because I'm not passionate about any of the acts.  I am slightly pulling for Michelle though because it'd be nice to see Usher get a win under his belt.  I love Blake, but he's already won enough times.  But, like I said, I'm not passionate about it and won't mind whomever wins.  Until tomorrow...

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