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After all the news over the summer about the shenanigans being pulled by Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj during the American Idol tryouts, I decided once and for all that I would not watch this season of AI.  (I was already leaning that way when they announced Mariah was a judge.  The girl can sannng, but man, she no personality.)

Anyway, my sister and my friend Amy are still watching and are trying to convince me to join in.  I told them that if there is anyone really, really, really good on the show when they get to the Top 10 to let me know and maybe I'd tune in.

This week, my sister posted the following in our Facebook conversation:  

Watching last night's show now. They had a sing-off between 2 contestants who didn't make it into the top 10. Whoever wins the sing-off gets to join the tour. Aubrey should so make it! I wish she had made the top 10. She's awesome! And so beautiful!

So, I watched it, and here's how I responded:  

She was a'ight. Actually, I'm surprised we don't hear this song more on AI...it's a good song to show your range. I just can't compare Aubrey's version to Irene Cara though. Anytime I hear Irene Cara's version, my eyes get teary when she sings, "When I'm down and FEEEEEEELINNNGGG blue..."

Every time. (I just tested it.) Aubrey didn't make me cry.

(Deb's right though...she is beautiful.)

Now here's Irene Cara (tears come around 1:10 and 2:06):

I was only 10 when Fame came out, so I didn't see it in the movie theater (it was rated R), but I had the soundtrack, and even when I was young, "Out Here on My Own" made me cry. Why is that? There's something in Irene's tone, I think, that just gets me right....there.

(I'm definitely going to be watching Fame again this weekend.)

Meanwhile, the following conversation also took place in our FB conversation about American Idol:

AMY (in reference to Nicki Minaj showing up late to a live show): As far as Nicki is concerned..it was unprofessional of her. Did you notice how Ryan made jokes at the beginning, but after she slipped in, nothing else was said about it? I wonder why. I actually like to hear what Nicki says about the singers but sometimes she can be really inappropriate. I want to have your baby, you woke up my sexual appetite ?? a little too crazy for me. And children are watching this show. I think she should tone it down.

AMY: Oh Debbie-I don't know what you've seen yet so I won't be specific, but did you see when Nicki got up and almost walked out? Seriously?!

DEB: haha! i have not seen that part yet. but agree, she's acting like a total diva. and also agree that some of the things she says is inappropriate. i also hate when she praises a couple of folks for losing weight - what kind of message is that for kids? i did notice that she didn't like a joke ryan made which i think referred to her lateness. and there was another part when they were teasing mariah about not standing up and she was saying it was too hard in her dress and laughing it up. nicki DID NOT like that attention on mariah and totally did the "i'm going to do an extreme straight face to show you all that i'm completely ignoring this woman." then there was another part i think before nicki got there and they made a joke about nicki, and mariah did a funny face like "i couldn't care less." you can tell they don't like each other but i still can't figure out who has the right to be annoyed with whom. i guess at the end of the day they are both immature divas.

ME: umm....you're not exactly making a great case for me to watch the show with these stories of nicki & mariah. ugh.

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Kerri said...

ok, whew. after hearing that, i still don't feel i need to watch it. i'm saving hours of my life in avoiding it! :) people kept trying to convince me too, so i set my dvr. the episodes were just piling up but i deleted them this morning and progammed the dvr to STOP RECORDING AI! No more. I'm done. :) I'll wait for The Voice.