Bruno and the Bob Marley tribute

The Grammys were on several weeks ago and I'm still watching and re-watching the tribute they did for Bob Marley.  It featured Bruno Mars (and his beautiful band...how can everyone in a big band be so good looking?), Sting, Rhianna, Ziggy Marley & Damian Marley.  This was my favorite part of the show and I haven't tired of it yet.  I must've watched it 50 times by now.
After this performance, I downloaded Bruno Mars' album, "Unorthodox Jukebox." I love it. With one little caveat. There are two songs on the CD marked as "explicit." The first one is a song called "Gorilla," which is about wild sex...doing it like gorillas, etc. The lyrics are crazy...he mentions being high on cocaine and at one point, his girl tells him "give it to me mother f***er!" My ears! My ears! It shocks me every time I hear it! Bruno reminds me of Prince on the song (the song actually reminds me of "Beautiful Ones"). I just didn't see why those lyrics were necessary, though. The next "explicit" song is called "Treasure"--I ADORE this song. He reminds me of Michael Jackson on this one...it has a "Rock with You" feel to it, and its lyrics are really not explicit at all. But, there's this tiny intro where a computer voice says, "Baby Squirrel, you's a sexy mother f***er." What's the point of that, except it does bring to mind Prince's "Sexy M.F."? Anyway, after listening to the album non-stop for two weeks, I finally decided to download the clean versions of those two songs so that I can play the whole CD while I'm at work or in the company of my parents, for example. "Treasure" is fine without the explicit intro, but I find that "Gorilla" is just missing something without the raw nastiness of the lyrics! And now I miss them! (This revelation is kind of a relief because I was feeling like a prude before.) I'll just have to remember to play the clean version when other people might be listening. And now, for your viewing (and dancing) pleasure, here's "Treasure." Check out that good-looking band again. Especially Mr. Trombone Man!


Kerri said...

I love that cd...and treasure is my favorite!!! Very remniscent of my and prince thru out the cd. Bruno is bug gorilla talent!!!!

Kerri said...

Not my...MJ. Damn auto correct.

Kerri said...

And omg, big, not bug!!! For cryin out loud!!!!

Valerie said...

haha!! :o)