Getting back to the movies

It's Oscar season and I'd been wanting to go to the movies since after Thanksgiving. But, due to an injury I sustained while riding a moped in the Bahamas (more on that in another post later), I couldn't sit with a bent leg for two hours at a time. Then, when my leg was feeling better, I caught a nasty cold with a bad cough. I hate being in a theater with a cough. I annoy myself, so I know I'm annoying other people too. My sister (who also had a cold/cough since before Thanksgiving) told me about this strange concoction someone recommended to her of Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar, raw honey, and water, to knock out colds.  In this YouTube video the girl says to take it at the first signs of a cold, but I took it after a week, and well, after a day and a half, it worked*!  And, I was finally able to hit the movie theater.

So, off I went to see Argo, finally, and loved it. I'm looking forward to the DVD coming out to see what extras might be available about the real-life story. It's kind of strange, but I left the theater with the feeling that I was really proud of Ben Affleck, like he's my child or something. Still, he did do a great job as the movie's star and its director.

Debbie and I went to see This is 40 on Christmas Eve.  It wasn't as laugh-out-loud funny as we expected, but it was sweet and honest and we both enjoyed it. 

On the Thursday after Christmas, my family and I went to see Les Miserables. Based on previous experience in seeing movies with my family, I made an announcement before it started: "No singing during the movie." Thankfully, they all listened. This was my second time seeing a movie in New York City. Deb & I were treating, and our tickets were $13! (Whew!) But thankfully, it was "Baby Boomer Thursday" so the tickets for our parents and aunts were only $8, plus they got coupons for a free small popcorn with the purchase of a soda. Pretty good deal! The movie was really good, but I didn't care for some of the performances. People are talking about Anne Hathaway getting an Oscar for her performance, but I felt she over-acted it. Maybe that's just me. I also thought Amanda Seyfried was singing way beyond her range--it was too high. I still enjoyed it though.

Yesterday I saw Silver Linings Playbook - also great. It felt like Bradley Cooper came into his own and I loved DeNiro in it too.   I left the theater smiling.

Next up:  Lincoln, or Django Unchained, or The Guilt Trip (just cuz I love Seth Rogen).  I'm skeptical about Life of Pi and Zero Dark Thirty, but will probably see them anyway.  I read and loved Life of Pi and just can't imagine how you'd put it into the movie, which is why I'll go see it--to see how they did it.  As for Zero Dark Thirty--I realized when watching The Hurt Locker (which was admittedly great) that I don't really care for desert war movies...I think it's that everything is brown.   Vietnam war movies in the jungle or WWII movies in European cities don't bother me, so it's not about the war theme--it's definitely the brownness that I don't care for.  I get a similar feeling when watching submarine movies.  They're too blue and dark.  I feel closed in.  It's hard to explain.

In any case, I look forward to getting to the theater again soon.  Maybe tomorrow....

*[Note about the vinegar/honey drink:  in the video, the girl uses 1/3 c. of vinegar and boiling water--that's too much vinegar, and you'll see in the comments that people said to use lukewarm water because if the water's too hot, you don't get the benefits of the organic vinegar.  I used 2 T. vinegar, 1 T. raw honey in a 16-oz. glass, and then filled it up with lukewarm filtered water, and then drank it 2-3 times a day.  The first time was strange, but I got used to the taste and kind of like it now.]

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