TV's big night

The Emmys were on last night.  There was nothing too exciting, but I'm thrilled that Homeland won for Best Drama, Best Actor & Best Actress.  I think I mentioned in a blog a while back that I thought Claire Danes won that award with one scene in the 2nd to last episode of Homeland.  She is amazing in that role.  Game Change, the HBO movie about Sarah Palin, also won quite a few awards.  I was happy about that because my good friends were extras in the movie.  Clearly they added some oomph to the show to get it noticed at awards time.

So, a "friend" of mine on Facebook posed this question last night:  "Who's watching the Emmys."  Thinking there might be some fun conversation about the show, I responded that I was watching.  Here's what he said after a few responses, including mine, were posted: 
I "Don't Even Watch" prime-time t.v. mind fluff ( no insult meant ) - I am a learning nerd an watch Discovery, NatGeo, History, FoodNetwork etc... Yet, I figure this way I can learn what everyone is talking about an perhaps find a good prime time show. ;-)
He said no insult was meant, but yet, I sense an insult in there somewhere:  "I'm better than you because I only watch educational TV."
(Note that I put "friend" in quotes earlier because I've never met this guy in person.  We became friends through Facebook, so he doesn't know me, and I don't really know him.  Although, I do know more about him than he does me because he posts rather personal details all the time, and I just don't do that.) 

Anyway, I was thinkng, why did you even pose the question--just so that you can announce that you're not one of "those people" who watch TV?  Instead I said, "I watch enough TV for all of us, and if you're looking for good prime time TV, I'd recommend: Homeland, Modern Family, Parks & Rec, Veep, and Louie."

Today I came across this comment on washingtonpost.com in response to a review of the Emmys broadcast:
I've never heard of any of the shows, except for Mad Men, and the only reason that I know about that series is because of Netflix.  Nobody with half a brain can bear to watch broadcast or cable television and subject themselves to more commercials than programming.
First of all, that's what Tivo is for.  Second of all, why are you bothering to read a review of the Emmys broadcast, when clearly, you couldn't care less?  Third, although you might have to search for them, there are plenty of good quality TV shows on both network and cable television.  Sure, there's lot of terrible stuff too, but it's not all bad.

Now, I realize I watch a lot of TV (probably more than I should), and sometimes it's not great quality TV, and sometimes I feel bad about that, but not really, because you know what?  It's my thing.  TV & Movies.  Entertainment.  It's what I like to do.  And the less-than-quality shows that I choose to watch are MY guilty pleasures.  No shame in my game.

Elsewhere in the comments on wapo.com, someone posted a link to this article from The Onion that cracks me up:  Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn't Own a Television.


Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is the channels that your "friend" says that he does watch -- I have had to stop watching Discovery and the History Channel because they only like to run shows about people running pawn shops, fishing with their bare hands, truck drivers along an ice road, etc. NatGeo isn't much better, as they are obsessed with the Amish, drug trafficking, and tattoos. Food Network is not something I watch much anymore. Very interesting choices by your "friend."

Valerie said...

Excellent point, Erika!