The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green
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My friend Kerri left me a message recently that said:  
i have a GREAT one to recommend- and make sure to have a box of kleenex beside you. it's funny, heartbreaking and beautiful. "the fault in our stars" seriously, get it NOW and read it. best book i've read in years and years and years. one of my all time favs!!! i can't say enough kudos about it!
Well, I'm one who likes to follow directions so I downloaded it immediately. I'm SO glad she made the recommendation. She warned me to have a box of tissues, but also mentioned that it was funny and beautiful. She was completely right. The main character, Hazel, is 16-years-old and has stage IV cancer. She meets Augustus in a cancer support group and they develop a wonderful relationship. Hazel and Augustus are so special. They face the world with humor and wit, and it's easy to see why they'd fall for each other. I fell for both of them too.

When you hear that a book or movie or TV show is about cancer, it just sounds so depressing, but when it's done well, you get insight into what it's like to live with that terrible disease. This book reminded me a lot of "The Big C" on Showtime and the movie "50/50." You laugh through the tears.

I didn't even realize this was a young adult book until I saw it on the shelf at Barnes & Noble. It's a very mature, heartfelt story, and it's not at all treacly. I know I'll come back to it again. I definitely recommend this one. As Kerri said, get it NOW!

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