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I've been into Grace Potter & the Nocturnals lately. I downloaded their album of the same name several months ago though I can't remember why. I think I might've been reading something that said, "If you like so-and-so, you should check out Grace Potter." Or maybe it was a positive review in Entertainment Weekly...I honestly don't remember. Then, after I downloaded it, I never listened to it. (I've been on a Zumba music kick for months now.) Then, a couple weeks ago, I just put the iPod on shuffle, and Paris (Ooh La La) came on. I love that song and was thinking "Hey, when did I get that song?!" I then started listening to the rest of the album, and it's so great. It's rock & roll with a bluesy feel sometimes, and sometimes a country feel. I just love it. I see they have a new album out...I'm going to get a little more familiar with this one before I go seeking out another, but I know I'll get it eventually. Ladies and gentlemen, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals:

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Kerri said...

i keep meaning to check her/them out! my friend was at some concert and they were the openers and she said it was awesome.