Fall TV 2012

Time for my annual TV schedule.  A little late since some shows have already started.  Here's what I'm going to watch this year.  (For now anyway.)

Everything in bold is a new show. The dates the show actually premieres is in parentheses (sometimes it starts at a different day/time than when it's actually on.)

The shows with an asterisk were listed as part of the Top 5 new shows by Entertainment Weekly.  I take that list with a grain of salt because last year, their list included 2 Broke Girls.  Still, the other four shows from last year I really like (Homeland, Up All Night, Person of Interest, and American Horror Story, so we'll see.)  I added Top Chef Masters, Major Crimes, Perception, Project Runway and Louie just so I could see how the schedule looks.  Those are summer shows that will all be over soon.

The shows with diamonds next to them were pretty much the honorable mentions to the Top 5 list in EW. 

I'm dubious about the shows with question marks, especially The Neighbors.  EW says it's about a family living in a neighborhood among folks who are all from other planets.  Sounds dumb to me, but hey, I thought Suburgatory sounded dumb last year too (I still hate the name), but I really like the show.  Who knows what can happen.

I've seen the pilots for The Mindy Project (watched on Hulu.com), Go On (along with the 2nd show), and The New Normal, and liked them all.  Saw the first episode of Parenthood last night--loving Ray Romano on there. 

Tonight I watched the pilot for Guys with Kids, which I originally had on this list marked with question marks.  After 15 minutes of the show, I took it right off the list.  Enough with the laugh tracks on comedy shows.  I can't stand it.  And the audience was howling at stuff that wasn't even remotely funny.  Not good.  It was the exact same reaction I had to 2 Broke Girls last year. 

CANNOT WAIT for Homeland.  I decided to watch Nashville solely because of Connie Britton.  I'm not a big country music fan, but I'm a huge fan of Ms. Britton's, so I'll tune in. 

I might drop Once Upon a Time.  Last year, the show was so slow, nothing happened until the finale, and I don't know if I can put myself through that again.  I love the concept, but it's got to pick up the pace. Also on the line is The Voice.  I watched it the other night and realized it feels old....I think I'm just getting tired of the singing competition shows.  Plus you have to commit to twice a week.  I like the blind auditions, but might stop watching when they're over.  I'll miss seeing Adam Levine, but hey, he's going to be on American Horror Story, so I'll still be able to get my fix.  With Britney Spears & Demi Lovato on The X Factor, I have absolutely no interest.  (American Idol is not helping their case either with Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj or Keith Urban, but I don't have to worry about that until January.)

Alright folks....here's to the new TV season!

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