Catching up on SYTYCD

I haven't been blogging SYTYCD this year because I haven't really been into the show like I have in previous seasons. I'm still watching, but I'm two weeks behind. A friend told me last night that next week is the finale, and I was like, what? Already?!

Right now I'm watching the show from two weeks ago (Aug. 29), and I when I see something like what I'm about to show you, I realize it's why I really do love this show, even if I've been a little lazy about it this year. Meet Cyrus. First of all, his easy-going personality and smile gets you past the holes in his ears. As you'll see in the little interview, he just seems like the sweetest guy in the world. And second of all, HOW IN THE WORLD does someone move like this? At about 1:30 into the video, he doesn't even look human anymore. It is truly amazing, and as Nigel said earlier during this episode, the show has never been about American's "Best" Dancer....instead, it's about America's "FAVORITE" Dancer, and I'd say Cyrus is right up there. Actually, at this point with 4 guys and 4 girls left (again, based on the 8/29 show), I like them all, but Cyrus is pretty special. He's never had any training and yet he hangs in there through all the different styles and he truly holds his own.

Okay, enough from me. Check out this solo performance:

And compare that to this:

What?! Wow.

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